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2012 NFL Season – Week 10

Last Week:8-6 (.573) Best Bets: 0-3 (.000)
Season to Date: 59-72-1 (.451) Best Bets: 12-14-1 (.463)

It would have been a great week if two things happened:  1)If I didn’t have to count the “best bets” into my overall record for the week and 2)If I won the election.  Neither happened so last week sucked.  This week will be different as I don’t have to worry about cleaning up after a hurricane or a nor’easter.  I feel good about this week.  Let’s see how long that lasts.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
11/8 8:25 ET Indianapolis -3.5 At Jacksonville
11/11 1:00 ET At New England -11 Buffalo
11/11 1:00 ET NY Giants -4 At Cincinnati
11/11 1:00 ET At Tampa Bay -3 San Diego
11/11 1:00 ET Denver -4 At Carolina
11/11 1:00 ET At Miami -6 Tennessee
11/11 1:00 ET At Baltimore -7.5 Oakland
11/11 1:00 ET Atlanta -2.5 At New Orleans
11/11 1:00 ET Detroit -2.5 At Minnesota
11/11 4:05 ET At Seattle -6 NY Jets
11/11 4:25 ET Dallas -1.5 At Philadelphia
11/11 4:25 ET At San Francisco -11.5 St. Louis
11/11 8:30 ET At Chicago -1 Houston


   Monday Night Football Point Spread

11/12 8:40 ET At Pittsburgh -12.5 Kansas City

Byes: Arizona, Cleveland, Green Bay, Washington

Projected winners against the point spread in Bold – Best bets in Italics


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In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be writing about the BP oil spill any more.  There wouldn’t have been an explosion on April 20 because the rig workers would have been doing something more constructive.

Since there was an explosion (and hence the perpetual oil disaster), BP would have promptly started containing and cleaning up the oil before the oil reached the Gulf coast.  The federal government would have stepped in as soon as it appeared that BP wasn’t able to contain the oil.  Both BP and the government would have listened to suggestions that others had.

An accident has turned into a disaster.  BP and the federal government’s poor response has lead to “Oil-in-Water-Gate”  Globs of oil have polluted the shorelines.  Plumes under the gulf seem to be getting larger.  Not only do Americans know what  the word “plume” is, we’re using the word in everyday conversation.  This needs to stop.

BP’s cleanup seems to be limited to the oil they are siphoning near the leak and only because they are able to refine that oil and sell it.  Most of the people cleaning up the spills are local people who just happen to like clean coastlines where they live.  There is a minimal presence from BP and the government when it comes to cleanup.

I will be back in Rhode Island in two weeks and lay down the rest of the boom.  I would do it sooner, but it will take that long to get 40 miles (minus 300 feet), a ship large enough to carry the boom, and enough volunteers.  My biggest concern is that the oil might be in Rhode Island’s coast by then because not enough is being done now.

Here is a video on how the oil spill started:

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How I Would Clean Up the BP Oil Spill

Oil has been spewing in the Gulf of Mexico for over five weeks.  It seems that neither BP nor the federal government is doing anything about it.  While I have never had to clean up an oil spill of the magnitude of the BP fiasco, I have had experience in cleaning up oil spills.

My approach is simple:  Let the American people clean up the spill, but give them an incentive to clean the spill.  My plan would allow Americans to keep the oil they gather from cleaning the spill.  Oil and water do not mix, so it’s rather easy to get the water out of the oil.  As a reward for cleaning up the oil, each person will be entitled to have their oil refined free of charge by BP.  Giving people an incentive to clean up after a disaster like those will clean up the Gulf and give people free gasoline in a time when gasoline is approaching $3.00 per gallon.

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