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Trip Preparation

I am getting excited about my vacation that starts on Friday afternoon.  I will be driving to Saguache, Colorado.  Part of my time in Colorado will be spent in Fort Garland for Blanca Fest the following weekend.  Hopefully I won’t break my ankle this time and I’ll be able to partake in the hike that precedes the Blanca Fest festival.

For those who are interested in meeting up, I will be in Cleveland on Friday, Chicago on Saturday, and Grand Rapids, Nebraska on Sunday before arriving at Saguache early Monday afternoon.  Driving means I won’t have many of the problems I had last year.  But it also means I won’t be tweeting as often or looking at as much porn as I normally do.  I already have my camping gear packed and will have the rest of my stuff packed Thursday evening.

It turns out that the vacation route is nowhere near route I will be taking for the Affordable Entertainment Awareness walk-a-thon I will be doing starting in October.  It’s  also nowhere near the walk-a-thon I held last year in Liechtenstein.

The workload this week is rather heavy through Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday should be light and I am hoping to hit the road by 2PM Friday.  I will be too busy to host the radio show this Tuesday, but the show will left in what I hope will be fine hands.  The next two shows following that (August 17 and 24) will be on location from Fort Collins, Colorado.

It’s off to bed.  I have a lot to do, but not a lot of time to do it.  See you in America!


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Climate Change

I don’t understand the fuss about climate change. There is a saying about Cleveland’s weather: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Climate changes everywhere. It is cold and snowy in the winter, but changes to mild and rainy in the spring. The hot and sunny in the summer changes to cool and breezy in the autumn.

Climate changes every day. There is a high and low temperature. The two are seldom if ever the same. Climate has been changing from hot to cold to hot to cold as long as there has been weather.

I am concerned about global warming and am willing to implement my solution as soon as I take office.

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How I Will Blog This Debate

I will write the topic in the “Title.”

I will type the response as fast as I can and as fully as time permits.

If I need a potty break, I will notify that I will not answer that question due to nature calling.

I will respond to all comments imediately after the debate.

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