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You Lie!

I believe the President has lied a few times so far tonight.  While his Pinocchio nose is smaller than Clinton or Nixon’s, it is larger than Both Bush’s noses and Carter’s combined.

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Improving Schools

Obama’s idea is rewarding success instead of failure.  Bush claimed to have the same plan, as did Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon.  Maybe we should have a plan that rewards failure instead of success so that our schools do better.

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You are Probably Evil

There is an old saying about voting for the “lesser of two evils.” But evil is evil whether it is a greater evil or a lesser evil.  I think that John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are all evil.  They have all implemented legislation which has hurt American and has given greater power to the CineMafia.  If any of thses evil individuals becomes president, then someday we will have $15 movie tickets with $10 popcorn and $10 cola.  That would be $140 for a family of four.

I will put an end to the CineMafia and make entertainment more affordable.  I made a video about the CineMafia and offered viable solutions.  My mission as president is to make sure Americans can afford to have fun again.

The only people who support evil are other evil people.


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Ahmnodt Heare gets 7% in Democratic Write-In Campaign!

Election Center 2008: Primary Results for West Virginia – Elections & Politics news from CNN.com

Independent Write-In Candidate has claimed the 7% of the votes not cast to either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  This means that Heare will receive a delegate for the Democratic Primary.


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Second in Both West Virginia Primaries

It will not be easy, bit I think I can finish second in both primaries tomorrow.  I can finish second in the Democratic Primary because they just don’t like Barack Obama for some reason.  Hillary Clinton will win big (unless her supporters decide not to show up, that would be my only chance to win.)

The Republicans have John McCain expecting to win big.  If his margin of victory is large enough, I could sneak past Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Albert Howard and take second.

My hardest obstacle is overcoming the misinterpretation of my blog yesterday.  It is about family values and nothing more.

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Hillary Clinton to Run As Independent?

EIN News :: Hillary Clinton to Run As Independent? Speculation Mounts That She Will Abandon Democratic Party to Win White House

I find this news to be very disturbing. I have been an Independent much longer than she has. I don’t like this party switching at all. If Hillary really wants to become President, she should do it as a Democrat. She can do it if she can find Obama’s love child between now and the Oregon primary.

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They are Feeling the Heat!

My computer was hacked into today by someone who is hellbent on making sure I am not elected president. When I went to log into this blog this morning, I was redirected to a porn site. My computer was infested with viruses. Files containing my speeches and my itinerary were wiped out. I will probably be up all night writing the speeches I had already written for tomorrow in Eugene, OR and Saturday in Louisville, KY.

The campaigns of my opponents have to resort to tactics like this because they know they can’t handle a debate against me.  Senator McCain wouldn’t even get off the bus when he was in my town and he saw me.  They have no plan to handle the cinemafia, no plan that utilizes every available energy source, and no plan to enact Vanna White’s birthday as a national holiday.  They have to resort to computer hacking and smear campaigns.

If you happen to run into one of the candidates, tell them you want Ahmnodt Heare included in the debates and a serious discussion of the issues.

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