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Stay Tuned

Today is a busy day for this blog.  For those who have been criticizing me for a decrease in posts over the past few months, stay tuned throughout the day as I will be posting fast and furious (though I will not be giving weapons to drug cartels at this time).

At 2:00PM Eastern, this blog will be undergoing the Emergency Alert System.  The blog will post various warnings and hyperboles as part of the Emergency Alert System.  Please note that the messages will not be real and that this is only a test.  I will not be grading these tests so everybody will get an “A”.

Tonight is the debate.  The main focus of the debate will be the economy.  This is my strongest point.   (And probably the biggest reason why I wasn’t invited to debate.)  I am the true fiscal conservative.  I have spent less money on my campaign than all other candidates combined.  The debate is at 6:00PM Mountain time on CNBC.

I may or may not write something else as it happens.  This is a rare day that I will be home all day but not working at all.  There will be no appointments again as I am a bit under a weather with a mild case of simple chronic halitosis.

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