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Northern Chill

There isn’t much I want to write about today involving politics.  I will dedicate this video for the people in the northern United States who are currently going through this arctic blast that the Canadians dumped on us.

It reached 18 degrees today here in southern Delaware and a low tonight near 0.


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Fighting Global Warming

In case you were wondering why I haven’t posted earlier today, it is because I have been spending a good part of the day fighting global warming and will continue the fight until the cold front comes in and cools off the northeastern United States.

The average temperature for today is 60 degrees.  Today’s high was 89 degrees here and 91 in New York City.  This is thirty degrees above normal.  It is supposed to cool off a little bit tomorrow, but the high tomorrow of 80 degrees is still 20 degrees above normal.  Friday’s high is supposed to be around 60 degrees, which is normal for this time of year.  By then I should be finished fighting global warming until the next time it gets hot.

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