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No Time for Politics

I would like to thank President Obama and Mitt Romney for taking the high road and taking the politics out of the tragedy in Aurora today.   I have also cancelled political events for today.  (Though I would have canceled them anyway, as it had rained pretty heavily here all day.)

I will resume my campaign activities tomorrow with an appearance at ArtsWalk in Port Jervis, NY.  In addition to campaigning, I will be trying to unload some stick-figure drawings I made during a meeting a couple weeks ago.   I will also bring Patricia’s coloring book now that she has learned to stay within the lines when coloring.  She really enjoyed the “Family Guy” coloring book I bought her.  Her colorings of Brian looks more like Brian than the Brian on TV.

May God comfort the family and friends of those affected by the shootings in Aurora.


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Marketing Mistakes

Although I have been involved in marketing for a few years, I still make mistakes. I am fortunate that I have limited my marketing failures to myself and I have caused no damage to my clients. Below are a few of my marketing blunders:

  • The Ahmnodt Heare Commemorative Two-Headed Coin:  This was suggested by a female supporter who thought I was handsome.  I took her idea and ran with it.  Even she declined to buy a coin.
  • The Ahmnodt Heare Salt Shaker:  Salt residue on top of the cap made it look like I had dandruff.  This was a turn-off and people lost their appetites.
  • The Ahmnodt Heare Commemorative Inauguration DVD: (Narrated by Paul Reubens)  This was an epic fail on all counts.  Once it was determined that Barack Obama beat me in the election, Mr. Reubens decided not to narrate it.  I ended up with an unmanned camera facing President Obama.  The camera was knocked around and ended up facing a port-a-john.
  • The Ahmnodt Heare Coloring Book:   I will never have coloring books printed in China again.  Not only was my last name spelled wrong (Haere), but some of the pictures had a bulge in the pants and the coloring book became inappropriate for children.

There were other things that went wrong, but they were mostly minor.  The Ahmnodt Heare wig was set to be a big seller until the Rod Blagojevich wig came out.  That was more unforeseen timing than bad strategy.

I have learned a few things from my mistakes.  The first is to find a coloring book artist who isn’t horny.  I also learned not to set up marketing merchandise for an inauguration until I win the election.

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