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Vacation Mode

I will be in full vacation mode for the next two weeks.  I will not be campaigning nor will be working.  I will be spending the next week in Virginia Beach with a Monday trip to Washington DC to drop off my daughter.  Patricia was picked up after school and will be spending the three day weekend with me.  (Veteran’s Day is on Sunday, observed on Monday, and forgotten about on Tuesday.)  It’s too chilly for swimming this time of year, but it’s nice for walking along the beach.

It’s going to be good to just relax.  No deadlines.  No vigorous campaign schedule. No  nudie bars are visits to cemeteries trying to get votes.  Just, rest, relaxation, and the best chance to restore my sanity.

Next Sunday is a stay at my parents’ home in Washington.  I will be there until the day after Thanksgiving (Columbus Day in Canada)  before heading home for some final relaxation at home.


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The Real Social Issues

Many people have been bashing the Republican candidates for emphasizing social issues.  I am not one of the bashers.  I am concerned that the Republicans have been talking about the wrong social issues that affect Americans.  Here are the real issues that we should be talking about and taking action in fixing:

  • Affordable entertainment – it is why I am running in the first place.  The Republican candidates and President Obama can afford to pop $9,000 to see the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat play a regular season basketball game.  I cannot, and neither can most Americans.
  • Stupid People – It’s not just a social issue, it’s an economic issue.  Stupid people cost the economy over $40 billion in 2011.  Texting and driving into accidents and managing businesses into the ground and laying off thousands of people are just a few things that stupid people do that are hurting America.
  • Federal holidays – Christopher Columbus never set foot on American soil, yet we celebrate Columbus Day.  I would replace Columbus Day with Vanna White Day because She has had a more direct impact on the greatness of America.

It’s time to talk about the social issues that affect all Americans.  It’s time to come up to the solutions to what is ailing us socially.

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I Win a Straw Poll

I am proud to announce that I have finally won a straw poll.  Depending on how one interprets the results, I either won handily (66.67% of the votes cast) or by one vote.  Final Results of the R.U. Heare* Household Poll:

HEARE: 2 votes

CAIN: 1 vote

For some reason, my father did not vote for me.  (He voted for me in 2008 while my mother voted for Barack Obama).  My parents never vote for the same candidate.  My father is a staunch Republican and my mother is a tree-hugging liberal.  But there is more to their relationship than politics.   They both enjoy art, watching game shows, and tormenting me.

I should mention that the reason why I am in Washington and not home working is because of holidays.  My latest client took a couple days off because he is Jewish and will be observing Yom Kippur tomorrow night.  Monday is Columbus Day, when we Americans celebrate the birthday of a guy who got lost four times.

I am hoping to gain some support for the “Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue” rally I want to start this weekend.  While “Occupy Wall Street” has good intentions, it won’t be able to accomplish much because Wall Streeters don’t write laws.  They only pay guys to write the laws for them.  “Occupy Pennsylvania” will go right to the sources – the people Wall Streeters are paying as well as the President and the Supreme Court.

Things need to change and they need to change as soon as possible.  America cannot afford to wait until you vote for me.  We can’t wait for the guy who people voted for to deliver that change either.  He has had almost three years and there hasn’t been much change.  We have to bring the change because as long as the powers that be are being well off for not changing, they’re not going to change.

*R.U. Heare is my father, Robert Ulysses Heare.

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Last Week:   8-8 (.500)  Best Bets 1-2 (.333)

Season:  75-80-3  (.474) Best Bets 19-14 (.576)

I am posting this week’s picks on a Wednesday instead of Thursday because I will be away from the computer for a good part of the day tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States (Columbus Day in Canada).  I am hoping to be at FedEx Field for Sunday’s game between the Redskins and the Vikings.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Ahmnodt Heare for President Campaign Team!

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
11/25 12:30 ET New England -6.5 At Detroit
11/25 4:15 ET New Orleans -4 At Dallas
11/25 8:20 ET At NY Jets -9 Cincinnati
11/28 1:00 ET At Washington -1.5 Minnesota
11/28 1:00 ET Pittsburgh -6.5 At Buffalo
11/28 1:00 ET At Houston -6.5 Tennessee
11/28 1:00 ET At NY Giants -7 Jacksonville
11/28 1:00 ET At Cleveland -11 Carolina
11/28 4:15 ET At Baltimore -7.5 Tampa Bay
11/28 4:15 ET Philadelphia -3.5 At Chicago
11/28 1:00 ET At Atlanta -2 Green Bay
11/28 4:05 ET At Oakland -3 Miami
11/28 4:05 ET Kansas City -1.5 At Seattle
11/28 4:15 ET At Denver -4 St. Louis
11/28 8:20 ET At Indianapolis -3 San Diego


Monday Night Football Point Spread

11/29 8:35 ET San Francisco -1 At Arizona


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Another Reason Why War Against Canada is Inevitable

While many countries around the world celebrate Columbus Day, Canada will not. They are too busy celebrating Thanksgiving. They couldn’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving until November like we do because they say it’s too cold.

If Canada wants to be warmer during the winter, they should switch to the Fahrenheit scale thermometer. 50° Farhenheit is only 10° Canadian.  10° is cold.  By switching to the Fahrenheit scale, Canadians will stay warmer longer and can have a real Thanksgiving in November.

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My New Holiday Proposal

If I am elected President, I would make a person’s birthday a paid holiday. Everybody would have his or her birthday (or the day nearest to it) off. I would replace Columbus Day with this day. I don’t know why we celebrate Columbus Day. He got lost four times trying to reach India. He never landed on U.S. soil either. If we wanted to celebrate the birthday of a man getting lost, we might as well have “Ahmnodt Heare” Day.

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