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Join the “Ahmnodt Heare” Fan Club on Facebook!

I have been on Facebook for a while.  One of my supporters has decided to open up a fan club to reach supporters.  Membership is free and you don’t have to sacrifice your first-born or move to a commune in Oregon.  (If you do decide to move to a commune in Oregon, please say “Hello” to Sir Satire. Make sure you try his organic Twinkees. )

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Good Luck, Sir Satire!

Sir Satire was one of the best blogs on WordPress.  I was so impressed with his writing that I was set to make him my press secretary.  Sometimes, a life altering event takes place and plans are changed.  This happened to Sir Satire.

Sir Satire has left his successful blog and my campaign behind and joined a commune in Oregon.  He has found a new love for a new god and now grows organic Twinkees for his commune.

I congratulate Sir Satire for his happiness and wish him luck in his commune.

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