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“Mommy, Make Him Go Away!”

I noticed today that one of the biggest draws to my website the last couple of days has dissappeared from the Google’s search engine.  Yesterday, if you typed in, “Compassion Forum”, I was on the first page.  Today, it’s not in the first 20 pages!

I think Google supports one of the other candidates.  Maybe by omitting links to this site, they will think that I will just go away.  It’s a shame they had to play politics like that. 


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For Further Information…

If you have any questions about my answers tonight, you can e-mail me at ahmnodtheare”a”politician-dot-com or you can listen to my radio show tonight at 11:00PM Eastern time.

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My Faith

I believe in God. I believe he hates it when I troll for hotties at the mall. I also made God angry when I ripped the last VeggieTale cucumber from the little girl.

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