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PRESS RELEASE: Ahmnodt Heare to Run for President

July 22, 2011

Independent candidate Ahmnodt Heare has announced his intention to run for President of the United States.  He made this announcement today in front of his dog and Contessa Brewer of MSNBC fame.  (Ms. Brewer was not at the announcement, but was on television when the announcement was made.)

The original announcement was made on November 5, 2008.  Word did not get out because somebody forgot to hit “send” to the press release that was supposed to go to all of the news agencies.  (I plead the Fifth.)  A lot has changed since then, and not too much for the better.

I had warned when I ran for President in 2008 that whomever would win the election (aside from me) would fail to tackle the issues that matter to Americans the most.  One such issue is affordable entertainment.  I addressed this issue before deciding to run for President.  In my video “Cinemafia,” I addressed why movies were expensive and offered solutions to make entertainment more affordable for Americans.


People say that a leader has to be able to compromise.  Hogwash!  All compromise does is take bad ideas from one party and bad ideas from the other party and make it law.  I will enact only those good ideas consistent with my platform.  Doing something is not better than doing nothing when doing something is a step backwards.  I am not afraid of doing nothing.

Below is the contact information to reach Ahmnodt Heare:

e-mail: ahmnodtheare@politician.com

Twitter: @ahmnodtheare

Phone: (507)-AHMNODT (246-6638)



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Two Sides of a Coin

Just about every coin has two sides.  (17th century Bavarian coins have three sides because they were spastic.)  There is a head and a tail.  The head has either a portrait of a dead guy or Queen Elizabeth (depending on which country you live in.)  The tail is something that is not human.

There are also two sides to every debate.  An example is the spending bill passed by the Senate today.  Republicans wanted the tax cute to become permanent and estate taxes to be cut to 35%.  Democrats wanted unemployment benefits to be extended for up to 99 weeks.

Republicans are against the unemployment benefits because it is too much spending.  Democrats are against extending tax cuts because it doesn’t generate revenue for the government.  Both parties say they are concerned about increasing the deficit and enlarging the debt.

Compromise can be good or it can be bad.  It can be good when the good from party A and the good from party B outweighs the bad from party A and the bad from party B.  But if the bad from the two parties outweigh the good, then compromise is bad.

Today’s bill is bad.  It took the bad ideas from both parties and added $1trillion to the debt.  It will take 8,000,000 people 30 years to pay off the debt and interest from today’s bill.

Today was a coin-flip with the coin landing in the drain and becoming irretrievable.  Not only will we have more debt, but somebody has lost a coin.

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