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My Hospital Visit

I had quite a bad mishap yesterday.  I found myself in the hospital for a few hours, but I am doing fine now.  Thanks to my neighbor for filling people in on what happened to me yesterday.  And an order of thanks for crossing out where I keep my passwords for this blog, my Facebook page, and my banking records.

The longest part of yesterday’s ordeal was the wait in the waiting room.  The hospital had a policy of taking people according to the severity of the injury.  They claim that a boy with “multiple aortic lacerations” was a higher priority than a person with a possible concussion.  They also took the woman who lost her pinky even though she wasn’t bleeding and her pinky was seperated from her hand.

I was finally checked five hours after I came in.  The doctor asked a few questions, shone a flashlight in my eyes, and let me go.  I asked him if I was entitled to any medication.  He told me to rest for the rest of the evening and I should be fine tomorrow (which is now today).

The hospital bill was $1500.  I started feeling sick.  my head was pounding.  I realized that my wallet was at home because I forgot to put it in the pants pocket I was wearing after showering.  I also had no way home since I forgot my cell phone and my car was at home.  It was dark and cold when I finally got back home.

I basically have today and tomorrow to do a week’s worth of work.  There will be time in there to fight the cost of the doctor hovering the light from a flashlight over my eyes.

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Ahmnodt Heare in Hospital

I should tell you that I am Ahmnodt Heare’s neighbor and not Ahmnodt Heare.  Mr. Heare was rushed to the hospital after he slipped on his rubber duckie in the bathtub.  I heard a loud thump as my condo is next to his.  I rushed over and was fortunate that his front door was unlocked.  I found him conscious, but quite disoriented.  The first clue that I felt he was disoriented was that he wanted to go to a movie.  He got out of the tub and was a bit wobbly.  The clincher that made me call 911 was when he asked me to look for his Celine Dion CD.

I don’t know Ahmnodt that well but from the few discussions we have had, I knew that he thinks the Motion Picture Association of America is evil and he thinks that Celine Dion is a Canadian spy sent to destroy the American music industry.

He told me where he keeps his passwords for his blog (in the office, underneath the “Hello Kitty” bobble-head doll. He told me to write what has happened to him and with any luck, he’ll be back to blogging tomorrow.  I had to cross out the location of the passwords because I don’t think Ahmnodt wants people to know that he keeps passwords underneath the “Hello Kitty” bobble-head doll.

I am hoping he is well and he will be released from the hospital either later today or tomorrow.

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