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Reviews and Previews

2012 is coming to a close and 2013 is about to be shoved in our faces.  Since this is generally a slow political period (aside from Congress and Obama wanting to drive us off a fiscal cliff), I will be spending the next few weeks reviewing 2012 and previewing 2013, taking it month by month.  Below is the schedule:

2012 in Review:

2013 in Preview:

  • January – 1/2
  • February – 1/3
  • March – 1/4
  • April – 1/5
  • May – 1/7
  • June – 1/8
  • July – 1/9
  • August – 1/10
  • September – 1/11
  • October – 1/12
  • November – 1/14
  • December – 1/15

A few days are skipped on purpose.  January 1 is skipped because it’s New Year’s Day.  It is bad luck to make a prediction on New Year’s Day.  All the money I have lost betting on bowl games over the years proves this.  January 6 and 13 are omitted because I expect the Washington Redskins to be playing playoff football on those days.

I may throw in an entry or two on what I am thinking during this time, but don’t hold your breath.  There will be updates on my Facebook page as well as my Twitter account.


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The Problem With Debates

There are two points I got from last night’s debate:

  • Neither Obama or Romney won last night’s debate – I did.
  • Participants rarely answer the question asked.  If asked on how they will cut spending, they will answer by explaining in excruciating detail how “Dancing Queen” by ABBA has influenced their stance on abortion.

I’m not going to talk about the first point too much, but the second point summarizes much of what is wrong with America today.  Leaders are expected to obey rules as much as the general public is.  When a moderator says “Two Minutes,” she means two minutes.  She doesn’t mean two minutes and “I just want to add,” when time expires.  The same thing happens in Congress during a floor debate.  A Representative asks to speak for two minutes but never finishes in two minutes.  He or she always asks for more time.  This is poor preparation and our leaders should be well prepared.

Another thing that grinds my gears about last night’s debate is that Obama and Romney kept interrupting each other.  A real leader has to be able to listen and save his or her comments until after the debater is finished speaking.  My Dominatrix always lets me speak before She cracks Her whip and yells, “SILENCE!”  (Not that I say much in Her presence.)

How can we expect politicians to obey the law then they can’t even follow a few simple rules?  Until they do, things will never get better.

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How Not to Run a Congressional Hearing

Daniel Issa, pay attention!

These were the people Daniel Issa asked about women’s contraception.

If you’re going to hold a hearing, the first thing you will want to do is to find people who are experienced in the subject in which you are holding the hearing.  By looking at the picture above, I could easily conclude that none of the people being questioned has ever been on “the pill” or have used a diaphragm.  These gentlemen would be better suited to field questions about religion or religious rights.

If you are like me, you don’t go to a mechanic to get immunized or a personal trainer for tax advice.  Why would anybody go to male clergymen about women’s contraception?  While the rabbis and the Protestant ministers might be married, the Catholic priest probably is not.

If you are holding an investigation hearing, you will want to ask questions that are relevant to whatever it is you are trying to find out. Don’t ask a nutritionist a recipe for a casserole if the object of the hearing is to find the reasoning for the obesity epidemic.  You can get the recipe after the hearing.

If you want to hold a congressional hearing and look good doing it, then ask qualified people relevant questions.  Otherwise you’ll end up like this current congress with a 10% approval rating.

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Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue

This puzzle is supposed to say "Occupy Wall Street." But occupying Wall Street is puzzling when the laws are written on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I support free speech.  That being said, I have a problem with Occupy Wall Street.  It’s not so much that Wall Street is being occupied as it is that the wrong street is being occupied.  We should be occupying Pennsylvania Avenue.

Wall Street does not write laws.  They only buy people to write laws for them.  The people who write the laws that benefit Wall Street more than Main Street work on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.  They are the ones that Wall Street buys through “lobbying”, which is not to be confused with bribery (when you or I do the same thing.)

It was Congress and the Presidents (present and former) who have allowed money to get involved in politics.  It was them who allowed  banks to get the power and money they must enjoy.  Wall Street won’t change things just because we want them to change things.

Washington is currently talking about cutting the budget.  While I agree the budget is too big, it’s where the cuts are going to take place that concerns me.  The budget cuts are going to go towards social programs, but not administration of government (which is the largest cost of government.)  There are no plans to check into why it costs so much to run a government office.

Pennsylvania Avenue is pretty long.  We will need a lot of people to occupy it.  Together we can right this country.

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The Politics of Food

It seems like nothing is out of the reach of politics these days.  Congress is about to vote on a bill that would categorize pizza as a vegetable.  The “logic” to this is that the tomatoes in the sauce is sufficient enough for pizza to be a vegetable.  To the best of my knowledge, this would exclude “White Pizza”, which is composed by a variety of cheeses.  White Pizza would probably be considered to be dairy.

If we were to use logic like this, it would be only a matter of time before Cherry Coke would be considered to be a fruit juice.  Corn Chips, Potato Chips and French Fries will be considered to be vegetables because they come from a vegetable.  After Congress has run out of junk food to categorize as  fruits and vegetables,  they’ll start going further out of bounds.  It will only be a matter a time before they legislate ham as “Kosher for Passover.”

The rule for determining a fruit of vegetable should be something that can be grown and harvested and eaten without adding or altering the food.

Places like Pizza Hut may someday soon be considered a health food store with the fruits and vegetables in a day's diet from Cherry Coke and pizza.

Call Congress and tell your elected official that you will not be fooled.  (Unless you want to be fooled.  To tell you the truth, pizza and Cherry Coke are tastier than Broccoli and prune juice.

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No Need to Worry

Many of my supporters were disappointed with the results of the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday.  I didn’t care about the results.  It did not bother me that I failed to get even one vote in the straw poll.  Here is why I was not disappointed:   1) I am not a Republican. 2) A real fiscal conservative would not waste $30 to vote in an election that doesn’t count.

Neither Mitt Romney nor Rick Perry participated in the straw poll, yet they are both continuing to get a ton of media coverage.  I am banking that I will get media coverage as soon as they realize I did not participate in the straw poll either.

Approval ratings is another reason why I continue to feel confident.  President Obama’s approval rating is only at 39%.  Congress’s approval rating is at a pathetic 17%.  (Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul are both currently in Congress.  Former members of Congress include Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Barack Obama.)  My approval ratings are currently at 67%.  It would have been at 100%, but my father didn’t like the way I washed the dishes Saturday night.

Don’t let the perceived negativity get to you.  It’s all good.  Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race, so there is one less obstacle between us and the White House.  It’s our time!


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Let’s Win a Nation!

The change made at the top won’t mean much if the foundation remains the same.  One reason why President Obama hasn’t been able to change things as much as he wanted to is because most of the Congress that was around for George W. Bush is still around today.  In order for me to have the maximum effect as President, I am going to need like minded people to run for Congress and Senate.  What I mean by like-minded people is people who think like me and not people who think like Democrats and Republicans.

There are 435 House seats and 34 Senate seats up for election in 2012.  The good news is if we win just 218 seats, we will have a majority in the House.  The bad news is that even if we win all of the Senate seats, we will still be 17 seats short.

If you are at least 25 years old, are a U.S. citizen, and don’t have a record or any skeletons in your closet, then you are cordially invited to ride my coattails and run for Congress.  (You have to be at least 30 to run for Senate.)

America wants change.  Not just change, but real change and correct change.  If we give a dollar, we should expect 4 quarters back and nothing less.  The era of being short-changed is over!

Join me as we take America from the Cinemafia and Canadians posing as entertainers.  Run for Congress or Senate and together we can win a nation!

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