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Following the Constitution

Like most presidential candidates, I believe the president is accountable and the powers of the President should be limited to those granted in the Constitution.  Unlike the other candidates, I plan on fully limiting my powers to those granted in the Constitution.

Sadly, our last few presidents haven’t particularly cared for the Constitution.  Former President Bush called the Constitution a, “God damned piece of paper.”  He also sent and kept our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan without a formal declaration of war being declared by Congress.  Our current president is no better.  He withdrew a few troops from Iraq only to add more troops to Afghanistan.  He also sent troops to Libya on a “NATO mission.”  What a NATO mission basically means is a military action funded by the United States and fought with American troops with a foreigner in charge of military action.

I would withdraw all troops from these areas unless I receive a formal declaration of war from Congress.  Troops would be limited to Canada.  As I have stated before, a war with Canada would only be fought from 9-5 from Monday through Friday.  There would be no war on weekends or holidays.  If I can’t be bothered with crap on weekends and holidays, our troops shouldn’t be bothered either.  This is leadership by example.

I will only serve two terms (unless I am not reelected).    Americans will be encouraged to practice free speech against the Canadian government.  Freedom of religion will be recognized to all Christians (even Baptists.)  The Constitution is the law of the land and I can live with that.


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My Fellow Americans

My Fellow Americans,

I have been blogging since I decided to run for President almost three years ago.  During this times I have discovered several trends in politics:

  • It’s “OK” to denounce a conservative who uses derogatory words towards liberals as “tea-baggers.”
  • It is OK to call somebody who doesn’t support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as “anti-American” despite the fact that Congress hasn’t declared war on Afghanistan or Iraq (or Al-Qaeda or the Taliban) as required by the Constitution.  Congress has also authorized the President to use force, which is not mentioned in the Constitution.
  • The more the media talks about Sarah Palin, the more likely she will become President.  Bad publicity is better than no publicity.
  • Republicans tend to vote for Republicans and Democrats tend to vote for Democrats, but Independents rarely vote for independents despite that there are more registered Independent voters than with either the Democrats or the Republicans.
  • This line has been censored by the Department of Defense due to national security reasons.
  • While most political sites get the majority of their hits before Election Day or on Election Day, most people visit my website after Election Day.

If you are one of those people who are finding the website for the first time, do yourself a favor and add this website to your Favorites toolbar on your web browser.  Otherwise you will make the same mistake in 2012 and hit yourself in the head after realizing that you could have voted for me.  Head injuries increased dramatically among voters following the 2008 elections.

I thank you for spending time reading my blog.  Feel free to read the almost 1,200 archived entries or check out the videos and testimonials.  You can listen to my podcast live every Tuesday at 9:00PM/ 6PM Pacific (02:00 in London) and call in with questions or comments.  Tonight, I will be interviewing Independent Candidate for President of Mexico Noes Toiaqui as well as take calls from viewers and listeners.

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Another First for Ahmnodt Heare

I am not just a trendsetter when it comes to political campaigning and legislation.  It now seems that the media is following my lead concerning President Obama’s birth certificate.  I am not one of those people who has questioned where he was born.  (As far as I am concerned, he was born in Hawaii.)  I have been questioning (and continue to question) when President Obama was born.

President Obama was born on August 4, 1974.  This makes him too young to serve as President.  The Constitution states that a President has to be 35 years of age to serve as President. I was the first to suggest that he was only 34 when he took the oath of office.  World Net Daily has recently followed my lead in questioning the age of the President.

I have heard that I think things differently.  I disagree.  I think things first.

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Ahmnodt Running in 2012

I have decided to run for President of the United States in 2012.  I have learned from my mistakes in the 2008 campaign and I have already started to fix the problems.  I hereby challenge President-elect Obama and whomever the Republicans can muster to a debate.  I would also like to invite Ralph Nader, Alan Keyes, and Buckles the Clown to the debate.  I am not inviting Buckles because he is a great debater, but because I have never lost a debate to him.

Another difference between 2008 and 2012 is that I will hold a contest for the vice-president position.  Due to Constitutional requirements, Canadians are not eligible at this time.

I would like to thank the seven people who voted for me.  This campaign will do much better in 2012!

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Attention Early Voters

If you have already cast your vote for somebody besides Ahmnodt Heare, you can still vote for Ahmnodt Heare today.  However; there are a few steps you will have to do.

1)Bring a copy of the United States Constitution.  Remind them that the Constitution says that only votes that are cast on Election Day legally count.

2)If they will not allow you to vote, grab a provisional ballot and vote “Ahmnodt Heare” as a write-in for President.

If you are still experiencing problems, send me an e-mail and I will fix it as soon as possible.

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