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My Birth Certificate

I am hoping this birth certificate clears all rumours about me being born in Canada.  As this birth certificate shows, I was born in Buffalo, NY, five kilometres from the Canadian border.  I am the only candidate who brings colour to the campaign.  I am glad this issue can finally be put to rest.

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You Can’t Please Them All

I was looking for “Ahmnodt Heare” through a search engine when I stumbled upon this link:


I know my campaign was not the best, but instead of writing about it in your blog, feel free to write about it here.  Please offer advice you may have to make the 2012 campaign a success.

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Second in Both West Virginia Primaries

It will not be easy, bit I think I can finish second in both primaries tomorrow.  I can finish second in the Democratic Primary because they just don’t like Barack Obama for some reason.  Hillary Clinton will win big (unless her supporters decide not to show up, that would be my only chance to win.)

The Republicans have John McCain expecting to win big.  If his margin of victory is large enough, I could sneak past Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Albert Howard and take second.

My hardest obstacle is overcoming the misinterpretation of my blog yesterday.  It is about family values and nothing more.

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