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My Latest “I Told You So!”


I have warned several times about the devious perversion of the Cinemafia.  People have called me a lunatic and have been dismissed as a “cheapskate who hates paying for movies.”  It turns out this lunatic cheapskate was correct.

Some of the victims have included famous child stars like Corey Feldman and Allison Arngrim (Nellie from “Little House on the Prairie”)  According to the article on FoxNews.com, it has been an epidemic for years.

Below is the first video I ever made soon after announcing my candidacy in 2008.  It only deals with the high cost of movies, but I will tie everything together below the video:

The most obvious benefit to lowering the cost of entertainment is that it will become affordable.  While my plan will still allow Hollywood to make a profit, they will no longer have “hush money” for their dirty little secrets.

A President must protect his people from evil, foreign and domestic.  One key to protecting people is knowing when a problem arises and fixing it before it arises.  Small problems are easier to fix than big problems.  I will devote a good portion of my time to fixing the small problems so that there won’t be more big problems for the next President.  Obama has left enough for me.


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Our Worst Enemy

Relax Canada, it’s not you.  While sending Anne Murray and Justin Bieber is an act of war worthy of sending other people’s kids, they are choir children compared to the Cinemafia.  Whle spies like Murray, Bieber, William Shatner, and Celine Dion have caused severe damage to the once great American entertainment industry, their actions are relatively tame.  The evil of the Cinemafia goes beyond ruining entertainment – it ruins lives.

I have mentioned in the past some of the lives affected:  Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus.  (In the case of Miley Cyrus, I predicted her life would take a downward turn before “Party in the USA.”)  It turns out that the Cinemafia is not limited to using young girls as sex objects.  They also crave little boys.  Former child actor Corey Feldman discussed his encounter with the Cinemafia and how they ruined children’s lives.

Since the Cinemafia took over Hollywood, the quality of movies have decreased though the price of going to a movie has increased.  Child actors rake in millions for them only to end up living a train wreck of a life.  Illicit behavior in movies has spilled over into everyday society.

We need to boycott the Cinemafia and everything associated with them.  Don’t go to big Hollywood productions.  Don’t buy movies in stores, don’t do pay-per-view movies from cable, satellite, or internet.  The sooner we starve the monster, the sooner we can save the children and save America.

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