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Who Shrunk the Day?

The day was 24 hours long when I was growing up.  Seven hours was dedicated to sleep.  Eight hours was dedicated to work.  That left nine hours to do things that you want and need to do.

It is amazing how much work one can do with a computer.  I didn’t appreciate the importance of this until the power cord to my computer was taken away.  The computer can do everything.  It does my business functions (accounts, billing, money transfers) as well as my entertainment functions (radio, videos, games, porn, etc.)

I had to order a new power cord, but I couldn’t order one until earlier today.  I have to make a presentation tomorrow in Buffalo the Darrin Stevens way.  For those not familiar with Darrin Stevens, he is a fictional character in the 1960’s sitcom, “Bewitched.”  He was played by Dick York and Dick Sargent, but Darrin wasn’t a Dick.

Darrin Stevens worked for an ad agency.  He would do things by hand and put them on a poster board.  The ad program would be on a series of poster boards, with each poster board contributing to the theme of the ad campaign.

This is the approach I have to take for my next client because I do not have a new power cord yet.  Marketing and advertising are similar, but marketing incorporates everything into a theme.  There is the theme, the strategy (advertising, displays, brochures, internet, etc.), the costs, and other little things.

Things should be back to the ways things were before I went to the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates meeting last month by Wednesday.  I will continue to post both my regular blog entries as well as the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates entries I had to write by hand.

I will have time because I will have a computer and will no longer have to look for poster paper, put the things on the poster paper, try to erase mistakes, go back and buy more poster paper, carefully make a revised version of the poster paper I goofed on, organize the poster papers, and go to an office supply store because I do not have a safe way to carry and store the poster papers with the marketing campaign.


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