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If You Are Going to the Daytona 500

If you’re going to the Daytona 500 this weekend, pleas carry an “Ahmnodt Heare for President” sign and show it in front of a TV camera.  The campaign can use the exposure.  In exchange, I will give kudos to you and your favorite driver in Monday’s blog entry.  If you want to help the campaign in other ways, please stop by the table that will be set up outside the track by the North Entrance.


Supporters will run a table like this at Daytona this weekend.

Al always, I thank you for your continued support.

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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday (2/16/2008): I went to an animal rights rally in Annapolis. Those people were the most ungrateful people I have met. I brought hamburgers and frankfurters. Instead of appreciating that I brought them food, they accused me of being a murderer. If they’re not to be voting for a murderer, then Hillary and I are screwed.
I went to a local bar last night and I overheard a stranger tell the bartender, “If my wife calls, tell her ‘Ahmnodt Heare’!” I was filled with joy that my campaign and my name was getting out to the public and that the stranger wanted his wife to meet me.
Today (2/17/2008): I’ll be holding a campaign rally today at the Hooter’s Restaurant in , VA. Today is the running of the Daytona 500. I will mark this occasion while at Hooter’s and give a speech comparing my campaign to former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle’s career. The speech will be a half-hour before the start of the race. It will be a short speech because I want to watch the speech. I have $20 on Matt Kenseth.
Tomorrow (2/18/2008): I will not be blogging tomorrow so that may spend my undivided attention observing Vanna White’s birthday. I will resume blogging on Tuesday. The picture below shows why I wm a Vanna White Supremacist. Join the Vanna White Supremacist Movement!I would get a second job just so I could buy vowels from Her.

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