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Debate Prep – Part I

The first debate is Wednesday night.  While I have yet to receive an invitation, I am sure it is because the invitation got lost in the mail.  I can’t see them omitting me considering the overwhelming success of my campaign thus far.

The hard part was getting people to act as President Obama and Mitt Romney would.  It was even harder to find someone to play the part of Jim Lehrer because none of my friends know who he is.   The part of Barack Obama is being played by my neighbor Cory.  While he is a short white guy, he was born in Kenya (his parents were missionaries.)  Finding someone to play Romney was a little harder.  We’re going with a Ken doll that Cory stole from his daughter.  The role of Jim Lehrer will be played by Nick, the know-it-all at the local bar.

We have been practicing at the bar every night for the last week.   Last night was our first run-through in front of people to see how well I would do against Obama and Romney.  I won most of the debate except for the part that President Obama won.  Mitt Romney was speechless throughout the whole debate.  The consenus was that we should get someone more animated than a Ken doll to play the part of Mitt Romney – even if the actor is more animated than Romney is.

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A Week to Prepare

The next debate (hosted by the Heritage Foundation) is not until next Tuesday.  I will have plenty of time to prep for this debate.  I am keeping my eye on the news and am taking notes.  I will be prepared for any questions the moderators might throw at me.  (By me, I mean the other candidates, but I will treat them as if they were being asked to me.)

For example:  If someone asks Herman Cain about his 9-9-9 plan, I will treat it as if it was my plan.  My response will be something like, “It wasn’t my tax plans.  It was the answer to what the police asked how many drinks I had that night.”  I had to say “9” three times because I didn’t think anybody heard me the first two times.

I will not be limiting myself to questions asked by moderators.  I will also answer your questions live next Tuesday at 8:00PM Eastern.  I will be in my chat room on Facebook.  You don’t have to be my Facebook friend to participate, but you will need an account.  Since I will be chatting live, I will not be blogging my answers or comments in real time in this blog as I normally do.

Invite your friends to the chat.  America needs to know what I am all about and why I am obviously the best candidate for President.

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