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Pardon the Rabble

I have a few things going against me today:

  • I have a stomach virus – I won’t go into any detail because some people like to eat while reading blogs.
  • The microphone I was using for my upcoming ad malfunctioned during production. – I’m hoping to put the video up tomorrow.
  • Rick Perry suspended his campaign.  I was hoping that I could have garnered his supporters.  He decided to endorse the Newtered One instead.
  • The Newtered One wanted an open marriage. I am wondering if Callista feels the same way.  Tell her I can be reached at (507)- AHMNODT.

Despite feeling near death as I am writing this, I will be be offering my insight to tonight’s debate.  Yes there is yet another debate.  Yes I know I wasn’t invited to yet another debate.  I even know that a lot of the humor factor has been taken out now that Rick Perry will not be debating.  This is the duty anybody seriously running for President must do.  My insight will be on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m off to take care of some errands and to take a quick nap before the debate.  I’m not sure of the time or channel of the debate, but I think it’s CNN at 8:00PM Eastern.


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Sorry I am Late

I was just about to get ready when my computer crashed.  It seems to be doing better now, but I am currently using the Apple Safari browser instead of the Google Chrome I am used to doing.  i will start with the next question.

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Real-Time Blogging Tonight

I will be blogging my response to the questions in tonight’s Republican Primary debate in Iowa.  I will also answer questions you may have to my responses to the debate questions.

If you are a Republican from Iowa and you are planning to vote in the straw poll, feel free to write my name (AHMNODT HEARE) in the poll.

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The Purposes of This Blog

This blog has a couple of purposes.  The first purpose is to inform voters of the happenings of my campaign and how I feel about the issues.  The second purpose is to encourage people who come to my blog to ask me questions about my platform and to engage in a debate about the issues.

I would like you (the reader) to get involved in this blog.  I encourage all readers to ask questions about something I have posted.  You can also say, “Neat-o!” if you agree with me or “Get Real” if you don’t agree.

I look forward to learning what is on your mind.

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Another Debate

There is yet another debate that I have not been invited to.  It will be held Sunday at Columbia University.  It will be on C-Span from 8-10PM Eastern.   I will try to live-blog, but I am giving a speech at a $5/plate dinner at Cici’s and may not get home in time.

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Debate to be Blogged in Real Time

I will blog my responses to the questions at tonight’s debate.  You will be able to see why I am the best candidate for President.

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Hofstra Debate Tonight

Tonight, i will be blogging my responses to questions in real time.  Once again, I was not invited to debate Senators McCain or Obama.  Tomorrow, I will start the boycott drive against the corporations that sponsor the debates through the Council on Presidential Debates.

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