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Decisions 2014

I made some very important decisions today.  Some decisions will have more impact on my future than others,  Voting was mandatory because I am an inspiring presidential candidate.  I wrote in Seaford, DE native Delino DeShields for every office and ballot initiative.  Below are other important decisions I made today:

  • Shopping for a can opener – I spent more than I usually did for an opener, but I made up for it by buying a quality can opener that I won’t have to replace next week.
  • I postponed cleaning my yard until tomorrow – Just like I postponed yard cleaning yesterday until today.
  • I cooked corn as a side dish with chicken tonight instead of peas.  I also voted for stuffing over egg noodles.

My voting decisions were not limited to personal decisions.  A very important campaign decision was also made today.  Tomorrow morning I will leave Seaford and head to Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.  I hope to arrive in Dixville Notch by Sunday.  It is important to go there first because people vote there first and a victory there will be the boost my campaign will need.

This has been a long day and tomorrow promises to also contain 24 hours.  Enjoy your evening!


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2012 NFL Season – Week 8

Last Week: 8-4-1 (.654) Best Bets: 2-0-1 (.833)

Season to Date: 44-59-1 (.423) Best Bets: 10-10-1 (.500)

I can’t get too excited though I am coming off of my best week this season.  I sometimes make picks without having all of the facts I need to make an informed decision.  I will not make a decision without having the facts as President.  My cabinet will be full of people who get facts.  To the best of my knowledge, I have all of the facts for this weekend’s games.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
10/25 8:25 ET At Minnesota -6 Tampa Bay
10/28 1:00 ET New England -7 St. Louis
(At London)
10/28 1:00 ET At Tennessee -3.5 Indianapolis
10/28 1:00 ET At Green Bay -15.5 Jacksonville
10/28 1:00 ET San Diego -2.5 At Cleveland
10/28 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -2.5 Atlanta
10/28 1:00 ET At Detroit -2 Seattle
10/28 1:00 ET At NY Jets -2.5 Miami
10/28 1:00 ET At Chicago -7.5 Carolina
10/28 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -4.5 Washington
10/28 4:05 ET At Kansas City -1 Oakland
10/28 4:25 ET NY Giants -2 At Dallas
10/28 8:30 ET At Denver -6 New Orleans

   Monday Night Football Point Spread

10/29 8:40 ET San Francisco -6.5 At Arizona

Byes: Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Houston

Projected winners against the point spread in Bold – Best bets in Italics

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The Cinemafia vs. Spam

There are two things that infuriate me – The Cinemafia and Spam.  The Cinemafia irks me because they (as well as the Canadian Government) have watered down the quality of American entertainment while charging more money for the tainted entertainment.  Spam irritates me because people are trying to make money by posting their ads as responses to my postings without compensating me for my efforts.  I also hate spam because it doesn’t count as a reader in the stats provided by WordPress.

I have been put in a can’t win situation.  Lately I have been receiving spam from companies who offer movies for free.  I am torn about what to do in this situation:  On the one hand, spammers will be making money at my expense.  (While the movies themselves are free, the website does contain ads from which they would make money, but I wouldn’t receive a dime.  On the other hand, the Cinemafia would weaken as people would be getting movies for free instead of having to pay for them.

As President of the United States, I will be facing tough questions every day except for Vanna White’s Birthday.  Many of them I will be prepared to handle.  Whether I make the decision myself or after consulting my cabinet, I will think things thoroughly before making a decision.

Some decisions affect the American people more than others.  In situations that Americans are most affect, I will have a poll and let the people decide what is best for themselves.  This is one such occasion.  The poll is below:

The Poll is in effect until Friday September 17, 2010.

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The Principles I Fall Back On

When I have a difficult decision in life, I ask for God’s help. And if God doesn’t help, I ask help from Bobby the Bookie or from a psychic. When that doesn’t work, I just do it and deny it later.

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