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Partaking in the Next Round of Stimulus

I have decided to apply for a stimulus grant after all.  I have bashed Presidents Obama and Bush for this and the way they went about it.

I have decided to apply for a grant for the Museum of Pornographic Arts .  I figure I would need $5 million dollars to get started.  Some of the things I would need include a building for the museum (including the hands-on exhibit for the children), old pornographic magazines to show the history of pornography, and porn stars giving demonstrations for people willing to learn.

The museum is not going to be in Kernersville, NC, as I had originally hoped.  It will instead be in Hamburg, NJ.  It will be a willing participant in the “Bah Hamburg” campaign I started.

I have been questioned about the number of jobs it will be created.  There will be a museum curator, a custodian, a full-time and a part-time cafeteria worker, two full-time demonstrators and six-to-eight part-time demonstrators (for gang-bang scenes, etc.)

According to my congressman, it takes a while for a project to get approved.  I will look for a building for the museum while in the application process.


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President Obama’s Health Care Speech Tonight

I want to remind people that President Obama will be giving a speech tonight to a joint session of Congress.  This does not mean he will be passing around a joint during the speech.

I normally blog in real time during speeches like this and during debates.  However; I will not be home to blog tonight.  I will post a transcript of President Obama’s speech tomorrow.  I will add my comments and demonstrate how I will do things differently.

NOTE: Tonight’s speech is scheduled to start at 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific.  It will be on the news networks, the major broadcast networks and many news radio stations.

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