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An Open Letter to Brandon Marshall

NOTE: I am not a Denver Broncos fan, but while I am vacationing in Saguache County, CO, I figured writing a letter to Brandon Marshall is the least I can do considering that the fine people here went out of their way and wrote my name on their ballots when they could have voted for Barack Obama, John McCain, or Terrell Davis.

September 1, 2009

Dear Brandon Marshall or Current Resident,

It is my understanding that you are demanding a trade because you are unhappy playing for the Denver Broncos. While I do not know why you are not happy and your reasons can very well be valid, I would suggest you try your hardest to work through the situation.

I watched the game between the Broncos and the Chicago Bears on Sunday night. The second half featured players who will mostly become house painters and carpenters next month. They may understand the team concept, but they don’t have enough talent to be an NFL star. You have the talent, but unless you understand teamwork, you will end up being a house painter or a carpenter. You need talent and teamworkship (is that a word?) to make it in the NFL.

Ben Roethlisberger is a great quarterback, but he needed teammates and his teammates needed him in order to win the Super Bowl. Nobody can win by himself. This is why every one of the Detroit Lions’ opponents suited up the entire team to play against them.

If you play hard and practice hard as well as being a good teammate, you will get a well-deserved contract as a free agent when your contract expires. However, if you keep acting the way you are acting, you’ll soon be working in a different line of work making significantly less money. These are the facts of life (only without Tootie.)

I wish you the best of luck.

Ahmnodt Heare
Independent Candidate for President

P.S. I would be honored to have your endorsement for President.

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Weekend Part Two

As I stated in my previous post, I spent Friday night in a hospital.  While most people view this as unfortunate, it did solve my lodging problem.  I was released from the hospital on Saturday.  The fractured ankle took hiking out of the equation, so I spent the afternoon in Fort Garland.

I went to the camping area at 2:30 to retrieve my luggage.  It was awkward carrying a week’s worth of luggage while on crutches.  I limped to the Chuck Wagon buffet at around 3:15.  The food was very good even though it wasn’t Chuck Wagon dog food.  “Head for the Hills” played some kick-ass bluegrass music!  I was fortunate to find a couple heading to Saguache after the show ended.

I limped around Saguache Sunday morning.  People were friendly and waved.  However, I don’t think they knew that they were waving at the person many of them voted for President.

I had a quesadilla and Spanish Rice at a local Mexican restaurant.  As the waitress was placing my food on the table, she asked me about Blanca Fest.  I asked her how she knew how she knew I was at Blanca Fest.  She said she has been reading my blog for over a year and that she voted for me in November.   She said she figured that I was Ahmnodt Heare because nobody else in town was on crutches.  She added that she would pay for my lunch and that she wanted me to sign my bill as an autograph.  Chrystal (that was her name) invited me to watch the Broncos game that evening at her house with her husband,  parents and her brother.  They all also voted for me.

“I voted for Obama!” said an elderly lady who was standing behind Chrystal .  I told her that I accepted her apology.  She grunted and left.

I arrived at Chrystal’s just before 6PM.  Chrystal, her husband Kyle, her brother Darrell, and her parents Francisco and Daria were all wearing their “Ahmnodt Heare for President” t-shirts.  There was a Jay Cutler bobblehead doll hung in effigy.  People in Colorado are still upset ofer the situation which forced Cutler to be traded to the Chicago Bears.

I asked them how I became so popular in Saguache County.  Kyle said that the people in Saugache County wanted something different.  He added that Obama said he wanted change, but my platform was the only platform that offered significant change.

Darrell offered to drive me to Colorado Springs to get an affordable rental car.  I thanked him, but declined the offer.  I won’t need transportation until Friday, when I need a ride to Colorado Springs to take the bus to Denver.  Chrystal’s parents graciously offered to drive me home.

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