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Oh the Agony!

It was a long time coming, but I finally picked up the microphone to make my video.  It had been a while since I made a video from scratch and it took me a while to reacquaint myself with the video making program.

I had to load the images first.  Because I can adjust the length of time the images appear in the video.  It took some tinkering with the images, the effects, and the voice-over, but I was able to make a video that had a strong message that lasts 30 seconds.  I ran some tests in the program and everything went without a hitch.

That all changed when I tried to convert the video from project mode to video mode suitable for downloading.  It wouldn’t convert.  A “Not Enough Disk Space” error popped up.  It was odd because I have 50GB (50,000,000KB)of space available on my hard drive and the file only took up 420KB of space.  I tried tinkering a bit, taking stuff out and trying again.  I got the same message.

I tried closing the program and reopening it.  I ended up with the same result when trying to convert the file.  I tried rebooting my computer.  The program reloaded with no problem and the file was retrieved with no problem.  The attempt to convert it into a file proved to be the most futile attempt yet.  The program hung up.

There is nothing overly complicated about the video.  A few pictures with simple video effects and a couple audio files.  There are no viruses or malware on my computer.  This has been a frustrating day.

If you have Windows Movie Maker (It comes standard with most Windows computers) and you want to try to convert it, then email me at ahmnodtheare-at-politician.com and i will send you the file.

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