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No Ameros in my Wallet

I am against the creation of a multinational currency.  Multinational currencies like the Amero and the Euro are the first phase in merging nations.  This would ruin the entertainment industry and it would turn my “9-5 war” against Canada into a civil war.  If I wanted to have currency of foreigners in my wallet, I’d go to other countries more often.

I can’t see people shopping in an “Amero Store” like they do a dollar store.  I doubt it will catch on.  People will not be watching “The Six Million Amero Man.”  It just sounds too weird.  The “Amero Value Menu” wouldn’t sound very appetizing.

I urge all Americans to write President-Elect Obama, your senators and congresspeople, and your favorite sports team’s captain and tell them “No” to the Amero.


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