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An Endorsement from Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer took some time away from Boots the monkey and endorsed my campaign.  Apparently, the endorsement came at a price as she was beaten up by thugs from the Cinemafia.  I thank Dora for the endorsement and vow that I will work tirelessly to make sure every last thug who hurt Dora will pay a very steep price.

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Plans in the Near Future

The campaign season is relatively slow.  It will probably be another year before a Republican or a Democrat announces that he or she is going to run for office.  It is important that I become a major force in the 2012 election by that time.

There are things we can do to get noticed and to build the campaign.  Like Dora the Explorer always says, “I need your help!”

I am planning the details of the Affordability Awareness Walk-a-Thon that starts Columbus Day weekend.  If you live somewhere between Atlantic City and San Diego, please let me know soon.  I am going to take Rolf‘s advice and campaign through the walk-a-thon as well.  I will not be holding “Ahmnodt Heare is an idiot” signs in German.

I am desperately trying to be interviewed on television.  If anybody knows Wolf Blitzer, David Gregory, Bill O’Reilly, or Stephen Colbert, please forward a link of this blog to them and tell them you want them to interview me.

If you know somebody who needs a speaker for a political rally, a business club meeting, or a sweet sixteen, then please let them know my schedule is pretty much empty until October and I am willing to go just about anywhere for a speech.

After my radio show tomorrow, I will resume doing radio shows on Sunday Nights starting this Sunday.  Tell all of your friends and half of your enemies to listen to the show tomorrow night at 10PM Eastern / 7PM Pacific.  I will answer any questions people have about my campaign then.

I thank you once again for your support.

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Odds and Ends

I had to check on a few things before heading off to Europe tomorrow:

1- Grandma Oudda is doing better.  She should be out of the hospital on Monday.  Although her doctors recommend otherwise, she wants to take me bungee jumping when I get back from Europe.

2- Rush Limbaugh has not accepted my challenge as of yet.  I will leave the challenge open as long as possible.

3- I am running behind in the “Political Blog of the Year” category.  Forgive me for sounding like Dora the Explorer, but I need your help!

4- Patricia’s mother was quite warm towards me today.  This was the first time since nine months before Patricia was born.  She was even suggesting she wants us to get back together.  If only I remembered her name.  I’ll have to ask Patricia next time I see her.

5- The meeting with the Hell’s Angels will go on as scheduled.  I will do a web remote the Hell’s Angels Stockholm office.  All I have to do is get some nude pics of the Swedish Bikini Team.  That should be easy because I am a candidate for president.  If that won’t impress them, I can tell them I am fighting hard for Swedes so they can also vote for the leader of the free world.

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