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My Opinion on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

I was searching through my archives looking for past entries I had on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” (DADT)  It turns out I haven’t mentioned it before.  Although I have written about my support of gay marriage in the past, I cannot support DADT.  My reason is different than the Republicans being against it.  I do not have a problem with gay people serving our country in war or in peace.

I am still young enough to be drafted,  While I believe the United States should defend itself against all enemies (foreign and domestic), I also believe that a citizen should have the right to decide if the war his or her country is fighting is worth dying for.  I have taken the life of the soldier very seriously in my policy on warfare.

If DADT is passed and becomes law, it will be more difficult of getting out of a draft.  I was hoping I could tell the draft board I cannot serve because I am gay if there is a war I am drafted for that I feel is wrong.  The only way I can get out of a draft now is blowing out my knee (and that would really, really hurt.)


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Gays in the Military

I think gays will soon be allowed in the military for one purpose.  I think a draft is coming.  Too many people will try to use the lame “I’m gay” excuse to get out of the draft.  Allowing gays in the military will close that loophole which has prevented people from serving against their will for years.

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Ahmnodt Heare to Declare Eligible for NFL Draft

Independent candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare has decided to waive his remaining eligibility and enter the NFL draft, which will be held in April.

Ahmnodt Heare is a twelfth-year sophomore at St. Thomas Francis University.  Although he never did play for STFU, he does hold the records for most sacks (7) and most safeties (3)  in a single game in his high school gym class.

Ahmnodt Heare’s gym teacher, Joe Scampelli, said Ahmnodt might not have been the brightest player out there, but nobody played with more heart.”


Height: 5’8″

Weight: 225

40-yard speed: 6.29 sec.

Vertical leap: 4.29″

Bench Press: 50 lbs – 10 reps.

Desired positions: ROLB, LOLB, LE, RE, K, P, FB

Ahmnodt Heare is looking forward to an invitation to the upcoming scouting combine.

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I am not Entering the NBA Draft

I am saddened to announce that I will not be entering the NBA Draft.  I feel that our country is in too much trouble and I feel morally obligated to try to save it by running for president.

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