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“Draw Ahmnodt Heare Week” Results

This didn’t take off as much as I would thought and I take all of the blame for it.  I did not promote it the way I promoted “Draw Ahmnodt Day” last year.  There also wasn’t a “Draw Mohammed Day” for my to piggyback this year.  Below are the entries  (Clicking on the photos will bring you to their websites.):

"Ahmnodt" - by Bearman

"Ahmnodt Ahmnodt" - by Mel


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Draw Ahmnodt Week

Last year’s “Draw Ahmnodt Day” was so successful, that I decided to do it again.  This year will be an entire week ending on January 30.  Below is the drawing I submitted:

You can submit your drawings to ahmnodtheare@politician.com.

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The Drawings

Yesterday was “Draw Ahmnodt” Day.  I had asked people to draw pictures of me.  They didn’t have to be artistic or fancy, they had to be drawn.

The purpose of the day was twofold:

  • To show I have a sense of humor and that I can take a joke.
  • That my supporters are not “extremists”.  There has been no word of death threats made from any of my supporters.

Enjoy the drawings!

Drawing submitted by Ahmnodt Heare.

Drawing by Trailer Park Barbie

Drawing by Mel Ancholy

Drawing by Trish O.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I have!

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Today is “Draw Ahmnodt Day!”

I mentioned in a previous post that today would be “Draw Ahmnodt Day”.  Unlike “Draw Mohammed Day” last month, I do not object to satirical drawings.  The only restriction is that this is a family website and my daughter reads this blog when her mother isn’t looking.

I will post all drawings tomorrow in a seperate blog entry.  Send your submissions to ahmnodtheare@politician.com.  I will show you my drawing.

Drawing submitted by Ahmnodt Heare.

Have fun!

Click here to see the drawings submitted.

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“Draw Ahmnodt” Day

Tuesday, June 1 will be the first annual “Draw Ahmnodt” day.  I will have a page dedicated that day to all of the submitted drawings.  I can see this event being as popular as “Draw Mohammed” Day was on Thursday.

If you cannot wait until June 1 to draw Ahmnodt, then draw it whenever you can and send it to ahmnodtheare@politician.com.  Unlike “Draw Mohammed” day, nobody will be offended by pitchers drawn of me (except for maybe me, but I can take it.)

Below is a picture of me:  (There are others that you can find by using an image search)

Get drawing and send in those pictures!

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