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Today is “Draw Ahmnodt Day!”

I mentioned in a previous post that today would be “Draw Ahmnodt Day”.  Unlike “Draw Mohammed Day” last month, I do not object to satirical drawings.  The only restriction is that this is a family website and my daughter reads this blog when her mother isn’t looking.

I will post all drawings tomorrow in a seperate blog entry.  Send your submissions to ahmnodtheare@politician.com.  I will show you my drawing.

Drawing submitted by Ahmnodt Heare.

Have fun!

Click here to see the drawings submitted.

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“Draw Ahmnodt” Day

Tuesday, June 1 will be the first annual “Draw Ahmnodt” day.  I will have a page dedicated that day to all of the submitted drawings.  I can see this event being as popular as “Draw Mohammed” Day was on Thursday.

If you cannot wait until June 1 to draw Ahmnodt, then draw it whenever you can and send it to ahmnodtheare@politician.com.  Unlike “Draw Mohammed” day, nobody will be offended by pitchers drawn of me (except for maybe me, but I can take it.)

Below is a picture of me:  (There are others that you can find by using an image search)

Get drawing and send in those pictures!

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