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Accomplishments and Milestones

I have accomplished something with this blog I had never accomplished before.  I had at least one blog entry every day in November.  It was something I didn’t really try to accomplish until I noticed last week .  I kept the streak alive on Friday by starting to blog just before Midnight.  I published what I had completed just before it became Saturday.  The blog entry was finished and updated soon after Midnight.  The irony was that I wanted to participate in National Novel Writing Month, but things got hectic between the Second and the 11th and I never got around to finishing after my first entry on the First.

Blogging every day in November lead to my milestone.  This is my 1,200th blog entry.  You might be wondering how I have been able to write 1,200 blog entries when I have only been blogging for 1,022 days (February 14, 2008).  I blogged sporadically between July and November 2008 due to lacking a computer.  Entries were also a bit sporadic between July and October 2009 because of the problems I had with internet service providers.

I made up the difference by having days when I had two or more entries per day during the first couple months.  When there was a debate or a State of the Union address, I had a separate blog entry for every question (in debates) and subjects mention (in State of the Union addresses).  I blogged in real time for people who wanted to know what I thought as I was thinking.

This entry also serves another purpose.  It’s to prevent me from the major social faux-pas I made last night.  I went to the Orthodox Jewish community of Kiryas Joel, NY last night for the lighting of the town’s menorah.  The only problem is that Hanukkah is tonight and not last night.  The other problem is that people light their menorahs at home at sunset.  I do not know when the town’s ceremony is, but I have previous plans tonight.

Today continues the time-honored tradition of rain when I set aside time to campaign at a cemetery or a morgue.  Fortunately today is a morgue day so I won’t be outside standing in the 2-4″ of rain expected here today.  I am hoping that when I campaign in local bars tonight I will run into Matt.   He said my blog drives him to drink.  I would like to buy him a beer.


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I am Confused

The National Institute of Health (NIH) wants to spend $2.6 million dollars to teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink.  Maybe I am wrong, but I never thought that drinking was a prostitute’s primary job.  I am wondering how the NIH knows that Chinese prostitutes have a drinking problem.  They are also spending $400,000 to study the effects beer has on gay men in Argentina.

The only reason why I can see why the NIH is spending $3 million on the effects of alcohol on foreigners is labor costs.  Prostitutes in America are expensive.  I would guess that a gay American man would cost a lot of money also.

I sense a pattern.  The NIH wants to study deviant sexual behavior abroad because they don’t want to get caught at home.  There will probably study the effects that “Shirley Temples” have on pedophiles in Brussells.

If I am elected president, I will not allow a dime to be spent on deviant behavior of foreigners.  That money would be better spent at home.

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What Would You Do to Make Sure Congress Moves Fast on Environmental Issues?

I would use the same method that my father used on me to move faster when I was a child.  I would cut off drinking until the job was done.  This will be my first executive order.  This will allow Congress to find a way to take care of America’s business sooner.

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