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Out of the Loop

I am ashamed to admit this, but I did not realize that President Obama was addressing the nation last night.  I would have blogged my comments in real time as well as written why my plan would have been better.

I had an incredibly bust day today.  What didn’t help was a drunk guy knocking on my door at 2:30AM looking for his wife.  The dog wouldn’t stop barking at him.  He wouldn’t leave.  He stumbled through my apartment and knocked stuff off of tables and the counter.  He broke my “Hello Kitty” cookie jar.  The police came and soon took him away.

It took me a while to fall back to sleep.  This was a problem because I had to get up earlier than normal and my energy bars were in the cookie jar.  The dog’s inability to calm down and constant panting in my ear didn’t help matters.

Two clients called me and told me they needed their projects done by the end of the day.  One project was one that was originally due in two weeks.  The other was for a regular client’s Spring 2012 campaign which wasn’t due until December.  These projects were on top of the other projects due this week including a back-to-school campaign for a local chain of lingerie stores,

I missed President Obama’s address as well as Speaker John Boehner’s reply.  From watching the morning talk shows, it looks like I didn’t miss anything.  America missed an opportunity to not be in this fiscal mess to begin with electing somebody besides me in 2008.  This is why I need to be elected in 2012.

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Damage Control

An unidentified man was found sleeping on a couch in a Brookings, SD home.  I just want to assure anybody that it wasn’t me.  While I do have a bad habit of sleeping on strangers’ couches, I can assure you that I have never been in Brookings, South Dakota except to campaign a couple of times during the 2008 campaign.

I may have had a few drinks to have the last time I was at TheRam and that I do not remember the rest of the night, I did not wake up in a couch.  I woke up in the Toy department in the Wal-Mart on Sixth Street.

This is just to let everybody know that I am innocent.  I wasn’t in South Dakota last week.  I was in New York campaigning all last week.

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