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Heading to DC

Between yesterday’s earthquake and this weekend’s anticipated arrival of Hurricane Irene, I will be spending the rest of the week at my parents’ house in Washington.  Damage was minimal, but the framed picture of “Tippy the Turtle” of Art Instruction School fame that I drew for my mother for her birthday when I was a teen was damaged.  (NOTE:  The drawing in the first link is from the Art School.  My rendition is here:

The winds should not be hurricane strength as Washington is pretty far away from the ocean, but the rain will probably still be a problem.  My daughter is currently staying with my parents as her mother continues to recover from injuries in a car accident last month.

Things are pretty dead around here between the politicians being out for vacation and the earthquake closing many of the federal building and landmarks.  It’s times like this that make miss living in Washington.  The problem is that there are rare.


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My Earthquake Prevention Plan

There are earthquake preparedness plans all over the internet.  There are also earthquake recovery plans after an earthquake hits an area.  To the best of my knowledge, I am the first person to ever announce an earthquake prevention plan.

I believe that earthquakes are preventable.  How to prevent them is difficult, and I admit I do not know how enact my plan.  The secret to what causes earthquakes is not just underground, it’s in space.  Think of the Earth orbiting the sun as a hula hoop gyrating around a waist.  It doesn’t always take the same exact path in every rotation.

Earthquakes are either caused by a hiccup in the orbit or the magnetic field between the Earth and the sun.  This hiccup causes the plates to shift, which causes earthquakes.  Below is how I would prevent earthquakes:

  • Make meters that can detect changes in the magnetic field in the orbit.  These meters would be aimed in space towards the orbit the Earth is taking as well as towards the sun.
  • Make a counter-HAARP machine that can adjust the magnetic fields around the plates and resume a normal magnetic field.
These steps will go a long way towards preventing earthquakes.  The worse that can happen is that we waste a few million dollars towards nothing.

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Another Look at my Energy Plan

One of my first radio shows on BlogTalk Radio dealt with alternative energy.  It was back in 2008 when gas was $4.00 per gallon.  I was the first presidential candidate to suggest using multiple alternative energy sources.  (Why just windmills?  Why just hydro-power?  Why just cow farts?)  I suggested using it all.  John McCain later offered a watered-down version of my plan, but it was too late.

Fast forward to March 11, 2011.  A devastating earthquake hits northern Japan.  The earthquake caused an explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  A scenario like this can happen in the United States.  There are at least two nuclear power plants in the Unites States that are built on fault lines.  They say that safeguards are in place; but in the end, nature always beats man.

I am not against nuclear power plants.  I am against nuclear power plants on fault lines.  It’s like having a Weight Watcher’s meeting at McDonald’s.  It just doesn’t work.  Never did and never will.

If you can’t beat them, join them.  I know we can’t beat nature.  We can use what nature is willing to give us for energy.  This isn’t just for the windmills, hydro-power, and cow farts I mentioned earlier.  This also include other ways to merge nature and science.  Cloning hamsters and running them in a wheel to generate electricty is an option.  The cloning will assure we don;t run out of hamsters and make hamsters cost prohibitive.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people in Japan.  Hopefully we can learn from this and better ourselves without risking lives.

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Why I Haven’t Blogged About Haiti

The earthquake was devastating.  It is estimated that 50,000 people died as a result of the earthquake.  The reason why I haven’t blogged about is simple:  Nothing I can say can bring them back.  There is nothing I am about to write that hasn’t been written.  I don’t have a charity to donate to  that you haven’t heard of.  If I did, you’d be hesitant to donate to an organization you haven’t heard of as would I.

I am not one to ask people to donate.  People tend to know to donate after a disaster.  Some people can’t donate because their finances are too tight.  I don’t want to remind those who can’t donate to donate.

People around the world are heading to Haiti trying to help the survivors.  my thoughts and prayers are with everybody in Haiti and their families.

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