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2011 – The Debacle (January-March)

“Duh, Winning!”


2011 was a bad year all around.  While the future of Egypt and Wisconsin were in balance, we were more concerned with Charlie Sheen and his goddesses.  (I am guilty of the latter).  I took a look on how Washington and the federal agencies will affect us in 2011.  With the exception of us still having Saturday mail, I nailed it.

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A nightmare in my personal life.  My bathroom all but exploded due to a leak from my upstairs neighbor’s bathroom.  Both of my parents got hurt shoveling during a snowstorm and I had to take care of them for what seemed to be a month (but was only for three days.)  My warnings of the Cinemafia started to show that on some things, I know what I am talking about.


The “birthers” compelled me to show my birth certificate.  I finally was mentioned on TV via one of my tweets.  I also mentioned my “Getting America Back to Work” plan.  But March was not too rosy for the campaign.  I had forgotten to mention that the infamous “Walk-a-Thon for Affordable Entertainment Awareness” was canceled in October.  I thought the almost daily blog entries since would have helped people figure that out, but it didn’t.

Tomorrow I will review April through June.


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Just So You Know

To the best of my knowledge, my supporters have had nothing to do with the recent riots in Tunisia, Yemen, or Egypt.  There were rumors swirling around that the rioters in those countries are tired of their leaders and want me to be their President.  Some people think that “Ahmnodt” is an Arabic name and that is why the rioters want me to be their president.

If this is the case, I would like to say at this time that I do not wish to be President in any of those countries.  “Ahmnodt” is not an Arabic name, it is (to the best of my knowledge) Bulgarian; for I am named after the great Bulgarian Sculptor Ahmnodt Fukinov.

I do hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to the crises in Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt.  Whether the regimes remain the same or they all change, it is important that the people in these countries get to some kind of normalcy by Tuesday at 4AM Eastern time.

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