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How I View Other Candidates

I look at the candidates who are running for President and conclude that I must run for President.  People need a good choice.  This entry isn’t about me as much as how I see the other candidates and why I can’t vote for the other candidates.

Barack Obama (D) – Incumbent – When he was pushing “Hope and Change”, I was hoping for hope and change.  We didn’t get that, but we did get George W. Bush’s third term.

Mitt Romney (R) – The resident snake oil / used car salesman.  I’m waiting for him to say, “What will it take to get you to vote for me today?”

Newt Gingrich (R) – aka “The Newtered One” – The snake from which Romney gets his oil to sell.  Gingrich is like the weather in Cleveland:  If you don’t like his platform, wait five minutes.  And like the Cleveland weather, it probably won’t be better, but it will change.

Ron Paul – (R) – Actually a pretty good candidate for a Republican, but will be best known as the candidate whose exposure on TV was mostly about how he doesn’t get exposure on TV.

Michele Bachmann – (R) – A rather simple debate strategy: “Barack Obama has failed at _______.”  As a foster mother of over 20 children, I envision her as putting bad people in a “time-out corner” with that corner in the United States being in northeastern Maine in the winter.

Rick Santorum – (R) – A man of faith whose mission is to declare war on Syria and Iran in the name of the “Prince of Peace.”  I don’t think Jesus approves of all the wars.

Rick Perry – (R) – He is the weird uncle that always shows up at family functions.

Jon Huntsman – (R) – A reasonable man with a couple of good ideas and some hot daughters.  The type of candidate people say they want, but end up voting for people with bad ideas like Obama, Romney, and Gingrich.

Gary Johnson (R) – The 2012 version of Ron Paul in 2008.  A libertarian messenger who doesn’t get to debate often.

Buddy Roemer (R) – The family member who has been misowned by the rest of the family.

Wayne Allyn Root (L) – He is trying to Republicanize the Libertarian Party.  He is a morph of Mitt Romney the salesman and Michele Bachmann the debater.

R. Lee Wrights (L) – A libertarian candidate in the Libertarian Party.  He’d eat smarty-pants Gingrich for lunch in a debate based on the writings of Wrights I have read.  A good man, but his party tends to shoot itself in the foot when it comes to political strategy.

Cynthia McKinney (G?) – A former Democratic Congresswoman who is not afraid to take on the establishment.  Painted as a “whacko” because the establishment does not like people who challenge it.

Jimmy McMillan (RITDH) – Stalking on his political opponents quietly and waiting for his moment to pounce.  Reminded America that the rent is too damned high.

Ahmnodt Heare (I) – An average guy who is trying to take money out of politics by not accepting donations and not spending money on the campaign.

There is the tale of the tape.  Vote wisely for me.

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Promotion Snafu

The Ahmnodt Heare for President Campaign hosted a concert on Saturday for people 14-18 years of age.  The purpose of the concert was to give Ahmnodt Heare name recognition for the 2012 campaign.  Everything that could go wrong managed to get wrong. 

The headliner was “Hanna Idaho”.  The campaign thought that she was Hannah Montana, the singer.  Hannah Idaho is a porn star.  Ahmnodt Heare received a political black eye when Hanna Idaho performed on stage what she is best known for doing. 

The campaign is currently being investigated for allowing minors to watch a sexual act.  The candidate had no knowledge of the concert or of obtaining either Hannah Idaho or Hannah Montana for any campaign promotion.  Ahmnodt Heare would like to thank his volunteers and staff for getting a crowd for his campaign, but strongly urges diligence in researching performers.

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Upcoming Radio Shows


I am resuming my radio show at its new time: 11:00PM Eastern on Saturday.

Segment Description Keywords Category
This is the last show before the Election. I will review my campaign as well as take calls from the listening audience. campaign, election 2008, Democrats, Republicans, Obama McCain Comedy
11:00 PM
60 Minutes
2012 Election Campaign Kickoff Special
Independent Candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare will formally announce his intent to run for President for the 2012 elections. campaign, Election 2012, politics, Democrats, Republicans Comedy
11:00 PM
60 Minutes

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