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Message Spreading Around the World

My message isn’t just spreading all over the country, it’s spreading around the world.

Ahmnodt Around the World

Ahmnodt Around the World

The blue stars is where people viewing the website come from.  The red stars show where $1000 contributions come from.  People in Canada, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, and Australia have had at least three people access the site in the last three days.  They want their voices heard in electing the leader of the free world. With a little help, we can get this done.


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Thank You, But I Respectfully Decline

Canada is holding its’ elections today.  Although I appreciate the sentimates of my Canadian supporters, I am urging Canadians not to write in Ahmnodt Heare in today’s election.

Vote for a Prime Minister who will welcome Anne Murray and William Shattner with open arms.  Soon after voting, write a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa and demand that you be allowed to vote for President of the United States.  Tell them that you are a member of the free world and that you should be entitled to vote for the leader of the free world.  If anyone asks who you would vote for, tell him or her, “Ahmnodt Heare!”

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The 2028 Elections – Vote Now!

In the future, they will allow Internet voting for presidential elections.  You can vote for me in the 2028 election now!

Note:  Voting is now over.  Democrat Angelina Jolie won.  I did beat Republican Bobby Jindal for second place.

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I Demand a Recount!

I don’t think I won the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary last night. But poll numbers were showing that I had 9% of the vote. Even if I didn’t end up with that much, I would at the very least have a couple of percentage points in the voting. It’s another sad day for Pennsylvania Democratic politics.

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The Alternative for Conservative Republicans

For those of you who have already partaken in a caucus or a primary, this does not apply to you. For conservative Republicans everywhere else, please pay attention.

You don’t like John McCain. You’d rather eat glass than vote for him. Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Alan Keyes (where available) don’t excite you either. And under no circumstances will you vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. If you sit at home, you are only denying your fundamental right to vote.

I suggest using the system to get your voice heard. Don’t stay home and let others decide your fate. Send a message to Washington and to your fellow Americans and tell them, “Ahmnodt Heare!”

Please write my name (Ahmnodt Heare) in for President. Together we can straighten the Republican Party and make the United States of America the best country ever!

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