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Clint Eastwood’s Real Endorsement

Clint Eastwood’s subliminal endorsement goes through a clueless mainstream media ans the Republican Party Convention.

Moments before Mitt Romney formally accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for President, Clint Eastwood gave a speech.  Mr. Eastwood had a little chat with an empty chair.  People automatically assumed that chair was a bashing of President Obama.  While he did talk about Obama’s absence in policy, it was not why the chair was there.  The empty chair was a symbolic endorsement for I’m Not Here Ahmnodt Heare.  He couldn’t formally endorse me for President, especially at a party convention for which party I am not a member of.  I am an independent and not a member of any party.  I tend to be a wallflower at parties, especially at parties without booze.

Clint Eastwood was once the mayor of Carmel, California.  He was officially a Republican, but many in the party thought he was too independent for mainstream Republicanism.  He had heard more than his share of criticism over the years.  He didn’t address the critics at the time because he had a town to manage.  But Clint Eastwood never forgets.  Like a ninja in the dark, he patiently waits his chance to pounce and POW!

I like to thank Mr. Eastwood for his endorsement.  My only regret is that more people didn’t pick up on the symbolism.

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