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My Latest Call for Activism

Last year we were successful in getting Volkswagen to pull the “Shoot the Gap” ad that suggested reckless driving.  Before that, we were able to save the Hamptons from becoming a third world community.

The next endeavor will be difficult.  It is difficult because it is a concept we are fighting and not something tangible like a commercial or a community.   What I want to fight is the usage of a word that has no business in the English or any other language.  The word is “Anyhoo.”

“Anyhoo” isn’t even a word.  (Neither is “Anywho” but I am spelling it the other way to make a point, even if I don’t know the point I am trying to make.)  It sounds so dismissive when the rest of the sentence doesn’t.

Just because “Anywhere” and “Anyhow” are words doesn’t mean that “anyhoo” is.  Nobody says “Anywhat”, “Anywhen”, or “Anywhy.”  Anyhoo (and Anywho) show up as misspelled words when using a spell checking programs.  This is because THESE ARE NOT WORDS!!!

I don’t have many pet peeves, and there’s no room for presidential candidates burdened with pet peeves.  This is different though.  I am fighting this because people who use this word sound stupid.  I have no qualms about adding new words to the English language.  Although Sarah Palin is a political opponent in Presidential campaign, I applaud her for trying to get “refutiate” into the English language.  Oxford Dictionary now considers “WTF” and “LOL” to be words, and I have no exceptions with those being words.

Just because America’s education is being dumbed down doesn’t mean the English language has to be dumbed down.  Let’s eliminate the word “Anyhoo” and at least try to sound smart.


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