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Clean Coal Technology

If you have coal that you want cleaned, bring it to me.  I have bought a large washing machine so I will be able to clean more coal than I would be able to clean with smaller machines.  I have also obtained a case of green spray paint in case you want to burn green coal.

Together we can burn clean, green coal.  Let’s think about the environment.


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Why My View on Global Warming Will Save Billions

Many politicians believe that global warming is a bad thing and that we must stop it.  Many others believe that global warming doesn’t exist.  My plan will save billions in energy costs.

We must discourage global warming in the summer.  It is too hot in the summer in many parts of the world.  Making the world warmer will just use up electricty to run air conditioners.

We must encourage global warming in the winter.  Warming the planet will reduce the need to burn gas and oil to heat up houses.

Turning problems into solutions is a trait a president needs to have in order to succeed.  Please vote for me on November 6, 2012.

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I am Thankful

I would like to thank all of the manufacturing companies for causing global warming.  I am campaigning in Northwest New Jersey today, where one-to-three inches of snow are expected.  I could only imagine how much snow we would have on this October afternoon if it wasn’t for global warming.

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