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Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

Vote for the Originator

Most people would rather have an original painting than a lithograph of that painting.  Many people prefer the original artist singing a song over cover versions.  I would guess that people would rather vote for the originator of good ideas over someone who copies those ideas.  Below is a history of ideas started by me that have been taken by others since I first ran in 2008:

  • I campaigned in Manitoba two weeks after I first announced my campaign in February 2008.  John McCain campaigned in Canada that summer.
  • July 2008 – I campaigned in Europe.  Soon after I came back, Barack Obama was there campaigning.  (Though he denies he was campaigning)
  • September 2008 – My computer was hacked.  Three days later, Sarah Palin’s emails were hacked.
  • I first proposed my tax proposal in February 2008.  The British Parliament tried to pass is that September.
  • I had reservations with Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Not where he was born, (I think he was born in Hawaii.)  but when he was born.  (He was born in 1974 and thus was too young to take the oath of office as he was only 34 years old.)  World Net Daily asked that very question about his age in 2010.
  • I have a long history of campaigning in cemeteries (and recently morgues).  In May 2008, it was discovered that Jim Ogonowski (a candidate) not only campaigned in cemeteries, but got them to register to vote.
  • One of my first platform planks had to do with the “War on Poverty”.  New York Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino stole it practically verbatim.

I was hoping 2012 would be different.  But it has already started.  It was reported that Democratic candidate for President Vermin Supreme stole a portion of my energy plan.  (The portion about gerbil turbines.  (He claimed he thought of it in 2008, but I didn’t hear of it then.)

The latest was a video (That was falsely labeled as Ron Paul supporters) that was negative about Jon Huntsman was supposedly put out by the Huntsman campaign.  I put out an anti-Ahmnodt Heare video first.

If you want a lithograph or a cover song, I am not your candidate.  (But feel free to vote for me anyway.)  If you are insistent on the original, then the only candidate worthy of your vote is the Original Ahmnodt Heare.


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Dow Drops 400 Because of Italy

In order to minimize the effects of Europe affecting America, we need fewer hedge fund managers like Jon Corzine hedging bets on Greece’s economy.

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My Take on Recent News Events

It is important for Presidential candidates to stay informed in what is happening in the news.  It is equally important to interpret the news and to come up with a plan of action.

News:  Prince William is engaged to Kate Middleton.

Interpretation:  I thought we claimed independence from England.  I don’t know why this is news in the United States.

Action:  I will not watch the wedding.  Instead, I will celebrate my perpetual singleness by throwing a party celebrating my singleness.


News: Groups plan on boycott new screening procedures at airports.

Interpretation:  Good for them!  I fly often during my campaign and often go through screenings.  I don’t want to go through a full-body scanner for the jollies of some perverted security guard.  I also don’t want to be groped or fondled by anybody of my gender.

Action:  I won’t fly.  If I go to Europe, I will drive to Montreal and fly out of Duval Airport.  They maintain a high level of security without nudie pics and groping.


News:  President Obama will soon leave for Europe after coming back from a trip to Asia.

Interpretation: President Obama is in a no-win situation.  When he’s in Washington, he’s accused of doing too much.  When he’s abroad, he’s accused of not doing anything.  This means when he is here, he is doing the wrong things and America is better off when he is in other countries.

Action:  Bring this point up when campaigning.  If America is better off when Obama is abroad, we will be better off when he is out of office.  This is why it is important to elect me in 2012.  Not only am I not Barack Obama, I’m not even in his (or any other) party.


Watching the news is not enough.  A presidential candidate also has to interpret the news as well as take a course of action. I hope the examples above help you in understanding that I think presidentially and am worthy of your vote.

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President of Europe

“Ahmnodt Heare for America Europe.  Ahmnodt Heare for You.”

This is Europe’s chance to vote for me for leader of the “free world.”  If elected, I will get the entire free world united on things like foreign policy and the CineMafia.  I can get a lot done with a little or a little done with a lot.  This is how I show my flexibility.

When you vote for President of Europe, write in, “Ahmnodt Heare.”

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I have accomplished some of my goals that I would have set if I was elected President.  I have also set trends that other presidential candidates had used after I have the vision to try first like campaigning in Europe and in Canada.  When I am not setting political trends, I am seeing steps being made as a result of my political activism and celebrity endorsements.

Despite of my accomplishments, I still have a long way to go before I have a real chance of getting elected.  I have yet to be on television for an interview. I would have to be able to go through an entire interview given by Contessa Brewer without drooling in order to seem credible.  I have to be the first more often.  I was outfoxed by Jim Ogonowski in getting deceased people to register to vote.

I have accomplished a lot, but it won’t mean anything without your continued support.  It is your support that makes me want to make our country better, and for that I thank you.

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I Do Not Understand Europeans

I have made a couple of trips to Europe over the last year and a half.  The primary purpose of these trips was to campaign.  While Europeans are not currently allowed to vote for the President of the United States, I had introduced a plan to the Europeans that would have allowed them to vote for the President because they live in the free world and everybody in the free world should be entitled to vote for the leader of the free world.

There hasn’t been much excitement for my proposal in Europe.  The only execptions were the British around London.  I have since learned that most of that enthusiasium came from drunken Tottenham Hotspurs fans who needed some cheering up following yet another loss.  A few devoted people were willing to help out in Liechtenstein, but other than those occasions, there has been no care.

I haven’t heard from any of my European supporters since I came back from Europe in March.  I should go to Europe again soon and set things straight with those people.

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Obama Steals my Campaign Strategy

As I am writing this blog entry, President Obama is in Strasbourg, France in a “town hall” meeting.  He is campaigning as leader of the free world.  The media is treating this as “news” and as something that is unprecedented.   This strategy is not new.  It was part of my campaign strategy in 2008.  I just came back from Europe last week.  While I did not get to visit France this time, I did get to speak to French nationals throughout Europe.

Although President Obama is campaigning throughout Europe, he seems to have no plan for Europeans to vote for the leader of the free world.  This is where I have one-upped him.  I am the only candidate who believes that everybody in the free world should be allowed to elect the leader of the free world.

I will give the President a little bit of advice.  When you are in a foreign country, listen to the people, don’t dictate your agenda.

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