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An Addendum to my Education Policy

I was inspired to add to my education policy after reading the latest installment of Just Making Convo.  Fellow blogger Bea Schooled unfairly received an “F” on her viral marketing project.  Anybody who is into marketing for a living who has seen Bea’s excellent work knows that she is destined for greatness.  Her “While You’re Down There” campaign is catchy and reaches along a wide array of products and services.  Her teacher failed to see this.

The reason why her teacher failed to see Bea’s brilliance was obvious to me:  The teacher did not have a talent to get a real marketing job.  Insert, “Those who can’t, teach” here.  The problem with America’s colleges is that the colleges are full of professors who have teaching jobs because they couldn’t get a real job in the business world.

I find this to be unacceptable.  Professors should be experienced in their fields.  Not only should they be experienced, but they should be the best in their field.  The world is more than what is described in textbooks and thesis papers.  It is the experiences one can only learn from people who have fought the battles and won.

My plan is simple:  Get the best people to teach the courses needed in the business world.  Get the CEOs who know how to lay off workers to raise the value of their company’s stock.  Get the people who planned the “New Coke” marketing plan in the 1980s.  It might not have created the sales they liked, but people still talk about it in marketing circles.  Let Bernie Madoff teach investment students how to start their own ponzi scheme social security system investment firm.

Replacing those who can’t with those who can is not enough We need our professors to be those who have.

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Experience is Bad

My critics are saying that my lack of experience in politics would make me a bad choice for president.  I would like to address the experience issue at this time.

We have historically voted for people with experience.  This experience we have voted for has led us with a $9.3 trillion debt, an education system that gets worse with more money being spent on it, and fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan when the terrorists who attacked us came from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

I may not have much experience in politics, but I know that if you spend more than you make, you’ll end up in debt.  I know that if you don’t watch where you spend your money, vultures will come see you.  And if you’re going to attack those who attacked us, you find a map and find out where they live. 

I talk about attacking Canada, not because of the Dutch, but because of the Canadians who have attacked our country with their God-awful form of entertainment. 

It is time to quit voting for people with experience and start voting for people with common sense.  I would appreciate your vote. 

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