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2012 in Review – February

February was a mixed month.  The good news was that I received an endorsement from Donald Trump’s toupee and the celebration of the fourth anniversary of this blog.

The bad news was that there were over 800 Republican debates in February and I wasn’t invited to any of them.  My father took me he was going to introduce me to Mitt Romney during CPAC.  It turned out to be a man named Mitch Rodney, who was also running for President.

February is when people realized I was too liberal to be conservative and too conservative to be liberal.  I was penned as an “extreme moderate” by myself.   I showed that I was the candidate of moderation and common sense.  (Yet I received fewer votes than either Obama or Romney.)

February was the month of TAMPON (Take All Money Political Out Now), the first and only SuperPAC to support the campaign.  As demonstrated by this ad,  they were as fiscally conservative as I am.


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Video Ad – Take the Money Out of Politics

I had to do a lot more tinkering (more than I wanted to), but I finally was able to finish the video and post it here.  The video shows that I am a fiscal conservative in three ways:  1) I’m not spending money that doesn’t need to be spent (especially your money.)  2) The video quality is proof that I did not spend any money on my campaign.

Starting next week, I will be posting my weekly address via video.

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Stay Tuned

Today is a busy day for this blog.  For those who have been criticizing me for a decrease in posts over the past few months, stay tuned throughout the day as I will be posting fast and furious (though I will not be giving weapons to drug cartels at this time).

At 2:00PM Eastern, this blog will be undergoing the Emergency Alert System.  The blog will post various warnings and hyperboles as part of the Emergency Alert System.  Please note that the messages will not be real and that this is only a test.  I will not be grading these tests so everybody will get an “A”.

Tonight is the debate.  The main focus of the debate will be the economy.  This is my strongest point.   (And probably the biggest reason why I wasn’t invited to debate.)  I am the true fiscal conservative.  I have spent less money on my campaign than all other candidates combined.  The debate is at 6:00PM Mountain time on CNBC.

I may or may not write something else as it happens.  This is a rare day that I will be home all day but not working at all.  There will be no appointments again as I am a bit under a weather with a mild case of simple chronic halitosis.

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A Leader to Turn the Country Around

I believe I am the leader the country needs to turn the country around.  America wants a fiscal conservative who practices fiscal conservatism in every day life and not just preach it while spending lavishly.  America wants a leader who listens to the people and not to a party.  (I am an independent and not tied to any ideology.)

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How to Run a Campaign #gopdebate

I run my campaign like I will i will govern – as a fiscal conservative.  I have spent no money nor have I raised money for my campaign.  I will carry this thinking to the White House

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Me vs Them – Spending

I have stated in the past that I am a fiscal conservative.  Rather than pointing to all my examples of my fiscal conservatism in action, I will just point out the positions of some of the other candidates.

Mitt Romney – He claims to be a fiscal conservative.  But his RomneyCare (the precursor to ObamaCare) has brought a fiscal apocalypse to Massachusetts.

Newt Gingrich – Claims to have balanced the budget while Speaker of the House.  I will give him credit for cutting the deficit spending as in the U.S. government, it is Congress and not the President who sets the budget.  If you go to the GAO website and check out the budgets during that period.  The budget was never balanced.  The deficit was lowered, but there was still a deficit every year.  Spending also increased every year.  The Newtered One is not a fiscal Conservative.

Ron Paul – Wants to cut spending by 25% and abolish the income tax.  He is a fiscal conservative.

Jimmy McMillan – has pointed out on several occasions that the rent is too damned high.  I do not know his plan to lower the damned rent.

Barack Obama – He spends like a fleet of drunken sailors in a brothel.  Enough said.

None of the candidates listed above is willing to run a penniless campaign.  Many of them will spend more on their campaigns than they will raise through contributions.  I’ll spend nothing and I’ll only raise money for beer runs.  I am the most fiscally candidate running for President.

This post is part of the “Me vs. Them” series.  Come back often to see the entire series.

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As Seen on TV

It is said that a good man can only be kept down for so long.  I am that man.  My first televised tweet was mentioned last month on MSNBC.  I didn’t get to record it and there is no video of it on the web that I am aware of.  My most recent tweet was read last night at the conclusion of WPIX’s “PIX News@10”.

The question had to do with whether the “Royal Wedding” should be considered to be news.  Of course not!  The video quality is poor because I recorded it with a $10 camcorder and not a high-quality DVR.  (I keep telling you I am a fiscal conservative.)

I will be spending a good portion of the day campaigning and trying to capture my new-found fame.

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