Ahmnodt Heare for President

Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

You Lie!

I believe the President has lied a few times so far tonight.  While his Pinocchio nose is smaller than Clinton or Nixon’s, it is larger than Both Bush’s noses and Carter’s combined.

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Improving Schools

Obama’s idea is rewarding success instead of failure.  Bush claimed to have the same plan, as did Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon.  Maybe we should have a plan that rewards failure instead of success so that our schools do better.

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Changing my Name

I am changing my name from Ahmnodt F. N. Heare to Chevy Ford Chrysler.  The plan is to confuse the person who writes out bailout checks.  When the check comes to me, I would take out $50 million of the $27 billion and return the rest to the government.  I would bail out the ailing prostitution industry and other industries the government is shy in bailing out.

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Speech to the Sons of the Horse-and-Buggy

This is an excerpt of a speech I gave last night:

“The automakers want to be bailed out.  If your ancestors were bailed out, the horse-and-buggy industry would still be thriving.  If you elect me for president, I will retro-bail out the horse-and-buggy industry and let you run the businesses so your ancestors can finally rest in peace.

“Not only will I revive your industry, but I will build the first ever international horse-and-buggy highway with rest stables every ten miles.  I will put every blacksmith and whitesmith to work.  I will dedicate farms for horse-and buggy horses.

“If you elect me, America will transport stuff like never before!”

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