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Getting Back in the Groove

After months of delays and after running out of excuses, I have finally moved and in the process of hitting the campaign trail.  Getting to my new house was a bit of an adventure that I never want to go through again.

My GPS is old and not terribly reliable in finding the shortest distance between two points.  Wyoming is a beautiful state, but has no business on a route between New Jersey and Delaware.  I also manage to be lead on some unpaved roads.

I managed to get here late last night.  It wasn’t until after I unloaded everything this morning that I realized I had forgotten a few things.  I remembered to bring food, but none of the pots, pans, or dishes.  The on;y reason why I remembered the silverware was because I had placed them in my toiletries bag.  New Jersey is where my pots, pans, toothpaste, toothbrush, and shampoo are.  I remembered the conditioner, but I forgot why I remembered.

It’s nice to be able to walk around town wearing a Washington Redskins jersey without being heckled by a rival team’s fans whose team is currently 0-5.

I will be giving a speech tomorrow on the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and why nobody seems to be able to afford it.  Coffee and pastries will be served (but you will have to pay for the coffee and pastries you consume because that is how the diner operates.)


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Off to a Bad Start

This working / medical testing / campaigning / vacation trip has gone off to a bad start.  I had arrived at my destination and finished unpacking when I realized I had forgotten my phone.  (I did remember my charger this time.)  I also forgot my calendar of what I was supposed to do while I am here (and when.)  I know about the parade tomorrow afternoon, but there is currently a 70% chance of rain and I am not sure if this is a “rain-or-shine” parade or a “Rain Date next Sunday” parade.

I also forgot my food and medication.  There is nothing special about my food, but I like to plan meals for days at a time.  Portion control plays a key part in my weight maintenance program.  I have already gone overboard by eating a large pizza pie and a calzone for lunch.  I’ll be heading out for an “All-you-can-eat” buffet for dinner tonight.

The weird thing is I have been watching more news than I normally have.  The more news I watch, the less I know what is going on in the political world.  The only thing I got from politics this week is that Rick Santorum said that something was “Bull****”.  I wasn’t sure what came after the “Bull” because the news networks kept bleeping it out.

With less news watching and more life doing, I should soon regain my pulse on what is happening in the political world.  Yay!

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I Messed Up

Last night’s show was one for the ages.  I had my A-game and the material to go along with it.  There were no technical issues.  Everything was going along smoothly.  I think I went the entire show without going “um” while looking for the word I wanted to say.  There were only two problems:

  • I forgot to hit the “Go Live” button so nobody got to watch the show live.  And…
  • I forgot to hit “Record” so nobody can see the masterpiece.
I am going to tell you my secret to show preparation:  On a half-hour show, Only five to ten minutes of it is outlined.  The rest is ad-libbed based on the audience and whatever pops in my head during the show.
For those familiar with “Sunday Night Football” on NBC, I have added my player introduction as if I was playing in the game.

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My Deepest Apologies

I apologize for not having a blog post yesterday.  Tuesdays are still a busy day for me with my business.  I also spent more time than normal for last night’s radio show.  Then there was the two-hour nap I took after working and before the show.

There was something of vital importance I wanted to discuss yesterday, but with all that went on, I had forgotten what that topic was.  All I remember is that it wasn’t about Vanna White or the Cinemafia.  Maybe it wasn’t that important after all.

The blog entry will be posted if I remember what it is about.  (But don’t hold your breath.)

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