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Raise the Bar

Although I am no longer running for President, I still care about the country and its future.  I still believe we can change things and abolish the CineMafia and the grip it has on the Great American Entertainment Industry.

Time is running out.  We can’t wait until 2012 and hope the new wave of schmucks will fix the problems caused by the current wave of schmucks and the schmucks of the past.  The problems need to be asked now.

It starts with your elected officials.  They must be held accountable.  Ask them questions.  (By questions, I don’t mean the Katie Couric “How’s your day going?” questions.  I mean the “What are your intentions with a 14-year-old girl?” question that Chris Hansen asks fat bald middle-aged men carrying a case of beer on “To Catch a Predator.”)  I just hope you don’t have to ask your elected official that specific question.

Now is the time to hold them accountable.  Not Election Day, not during the primary season.  Demand excellence from your elected officials.  (It’s not like you asked to be governed.)  Raise the bar! NOW!  DONE! NOW!


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Upcoming Radio Shows

NOTE: This post is a sticky.  More recent entries are below.

There are six shows remaining (at least under the current format.)  Below are the next two shows:

December 30, 9:00PM Eastern:  “The Fiasco Known as 2010” – 2010 has been a horrible year. Everything from 9%+ unemployment to the popularity of Justin Bieber made 2010 a year to forget. Ahmnodt Heare will look at the politics and social events that made 2010 a living nightmare.

January 4, 2011 9:00PM Eastern:  2011 has the potential of being a very good year. Ahmnodt Heare will point out what needs to be done to make 2011 a great year and why none of that stuff will get done.

NOTE II – The show scheduled for December 28 has been rescheduled for December 30 at 9PM Eastern.

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More About Me

I was tagged in a note on Facebook the other day.  The note stated that I had to tell 100 true statements about myself even though there were only 98 questions to answer. (Questions 28 and 100 were omitted in the original note.)  I don’t always do these notes that asks questions about me.  I danced around the questions about movies because it’s been a long time since I have watched a movie.  (Cinemafia boycott, etc.)

Below are the questions and answers:

1. Real Name – Ahmnodt F. N. Heare

2. Nicknames – Fido, Sajak

3. Sign – Cancer (Though I am not a malignant growth)

4 – Sex: It’s been a while.

5. Work – Owner – “Heare for You Marketing”

6. Fav Stores:  Wal-Mart and Tiffany’s

7. Favorite flower: Poppy

8. Symbol: The one that used to be Prince’s name.

9. Elementary School – William H. Taft Elementary

10. Middle School – L. C. Browning Junior-Senior High

11. College – St. Thomas Francis University (GO STFU!)

12. Health freak? – More like a junk freak.

13. Goes to the gym frequently? – When I can, usually 2-3 times a year.

14. Have a crush on someone? –Vanna White!

15. Eat or drink? -I have been known to do both.

16. Pepsi or Coke? – Coke (but not cocaine)

17. take or save a life? – Save it

18. Ever been on an airplane? – I fly when campaigning out-of-state.

19. Ever done something you regret? Only this survey.

20. Ever cooked? I cook all the time.

21. Hobbies – blogging, running for President, Wheel of Fortune

22. Love – A touchy subject. (Get it?  Touchy)

23. Hates- The Cinemafia

24. First best friend(s): Eric

25. First award: “Good Penmanship Award” – Third Grade

26. First crush: Vanna White!

27. First word:  Mama

29. Last person you talked to in person: One of my clients

30. Last person you texted: Same client

31. Last person you watched a movie with: My ex-fiancée six years ago.  (Before  I discovered the evil of the Cinemafia)

32. Last food you ate: Chicken Marsala over Trix.

33. Last movie you watched: Shrek

34. Last song you listen to:”A Little Respect” by Erasure

35. Last thing you bought: My mother’s Christmas present.

36. Last person you hugged: My mother


37. food: Chicken

38. Drinks: old-fashioned lemonade

39. Bottoms: Docker’s

40. Flower: Rose

41. Animal: Murray the Wonder Dog!

42. Colors: red, white, and blue

43. Movies: Boycotting until further notice

44. Subjects: Wheel of Fortune, Washington Redskins and Capitals, Hello Kitty


(Put an X in the brackets if yes)

45.[x] fell in love with someone.

46. [X] celebrated Halloween.

47. [x] had your heart broken…

48. [] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone.

49. [] had someone question my sexual orientation.

51. [ ] got pregnant.

52. [ ] had an abortion.

53. [] did something I regret.

54. [] broke a promise.

55. [x] hid a secret.

56. [] pretended to be happy.

57. [x] met someone who changed your life.

58. [x] pretended to be sick.

59. [X] left the country.

60. [] tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it.

61. [x] cried over the silliest thing.

62. [x] ran a mile.

63. [x] went to the beach with your best friend.

64. [] got into an argument with your friends.

65. [] hated someone.

66. [x] stayed single for 2 years.


67. Eating: Nope

68. Drinking: Water

69. Listening: “WPIX News at 10”

70. Sitting/Laying: Sitting.

71. Plans for today: watch the news then bed

72. Waiting: Nope


73. Want kids? One is enough for now.

74. Want to get married? Not really, but stranger things have happened.

75. Career: Self-employed

76. Lips or eyes: eyes

77. Shorter or taller: Taller

78. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantically spontaneous.

79. sex or intimacy: Both would be nice.

80. cheat or stay faithful: I cheated once and would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for the meddling kids!

81. Hook-up or relationship: relationship

82. Looks or personality:  A bit of both.


83. Lost glasses/contacts: yes

84. Snuck out of a house: Yes.

85. Held a gun/knife for self defense: no

86. ever killed someone? No.

87. Broken someone’s heart: Yes.  😦

88. Been in love: Yes

89. Cried when someone died: Yes.


90. Yourself: yes

91. Miracles: yes

92. Love at first sight: Yes

93. Heaven: yes

94. Santa Claus: yes.

95. Sex on the first date: and the second date and the third date…

96. Kiss on the first date: Yes.


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now: Vanna White!

98. Do you know who your real friends are; Yes

99. Do you believe in God: Yes

100. Post as 100 truth? Yes.

Since questions 28 and 50 were omitted, If you have a question 28 (General Question) or 50 (Have You Ever), then you can ask me those questions.  If you are a blogger who is looking for something to write, consider yourself tagged.  You can take this quiz and post the link to your answer in the comments section.

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Radio Show Returning Soon

I will soon be back on BlogTalk Radio.  I will return on Tuesday June 2 at 8PM Eastern.  I will be discussing the state of America and why things would have been different if I was president.

“State of America”
Independent candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare will give his unique perspective into the the direction of the United States. He will also take phone calls from concerned Americans.

Please listen to this very important show.

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An Atrocity of Hope

“Ahmnodt 4 President” Radio Show Sunday 10:00PM Eastern – 7:00PM Pacific

An Atrocity of Hope

Discover what a country with Ahmnodt Heare as President would be like. There will be a discussion of the implications of his policies on America.

Listen to Ahmnodt for President on internet talk radio

Call-in Number: (347) 945-7487

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