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Defining “Ahmnodt” (Play Along at Home)

The running joke these days is telling somebody to Google “Santorum.”  The first unsponsored link is from a website called “SpreadingSantorum.Org”.  They define the term “Santorum” as such:

Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum.

I was thinking that before the Cinemafia does a similar thing with my name, we can pool our noodles together and come up with a clever definition for “ahmnodt”.    It doesn’t have to be flattering, but it shouldn’t be as tasteless as how “Santorum” is defined.  (Especially since “Ahmnodt” is my name and I don’t want to go spend the money in the courts to change it.

This post will be a sticky until I return from my campaign trip a week from Monday.  Feel free to place your definition in the “comments” section.  I’ll figure out a plan on what to do with the definitions when I return.

There will be daily summaries of my campaign events every day.  I might even add a definition or two to consider.  Keep the ideas coming!


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Trivia Quiz

This quiz is different for a number of reasons.   The questions are about my campaign since 2008.  If you have any problems taking the quiz, you can always use the search feature on this blog.  The answers are fill-in-the-blank.  Most answers will be one or two word answers, but a couple may require an entire sentence.  And because I am using the modern education system standards for scoring this quiz, you will get a 100% just for taking the quiz. If you can’t find the answer, just take a guess.  Remember, you’re getting a 100% just for taking the quiz.

1:  What is my mother’s name?

2: What cause is my walk-a-thon in October for?

3: Where did I get arrested for buying a brownie last year?

4:  Ahmnodt Fukinov is the sculpter who I am named for.  What country is he from?

5:  Whose birthday would I make a national holiday?

6:  Name the county in Colorado I thought I had won.

7: What activities did I partake in during my high school years?

8: Add your question here and answer it.

The answers to the trivia questions will be answered tomorrow.

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gremlins at Reviewer – Your gremlin’s fight club

gremlins at Reviewer – Your gremlin’s fight club.

Now is your chance to “fight” a presidential candidate.  It’s my gremlin against your gremlin.  The more fight and training for your gremlin, the better it gets.

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