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My Take on the Republican Race for President

Current Delegate Count (as of 3/26/2012)

Romney – 568

Santorum – 273

Gingrich – 135

Paul – 50

Heare* – 0

*Not a Republican

Continuing the Republican Primary race until June would be more exciting if the race was close.  Romney has double the delegates of Santorum, who has double the delegates of Gingrich, who has double the delegates of Paul, who has double the delegates of Heare, who has as many Republican delegates as Barack Obama.

Barring a major scandal, Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for President.  Most political pundits will tell you that who becomes President depends on who is the better candidate.  There is a truth in that in elections that neither candidate is an incumbent.  What matters in the elections with an incumbent is the state of the country.  If the country is in bad shape, then anybody can beat the incumbent.  The incumbent can beat anybody if the country is in great shape.

My chances are better because the country is not in very good shape.  The economy is still improving, but will stall when gas hits $4.50/gallon in May.  Crime is down right now but will increase with the increase in gas prices.  Justin Bieber is still in this country.  (As a reminder, I am the only candidate who has discussed the importance of deporting Bieber.)

There will be no more debates.  This helps Romney more than the other candidates because he’ll be on TV live less and fewer people will see his blunders.  This hurts Ron Paul the most because he was getting the fewest questions during the debates.  He tended to get more votes in primaries and caucuses following a debate.  I am the same way, which is why I wasn’t even invited to debate.

Instead of the Republican race being a tightrope event waiting to see if the tightrope walker can get to the other side, it’s the last days of a terminally ill patient that Americans are watching and hoping for the best.


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Stay Informed

This has nothing to do with my campaign, but where you get your news.  If you are getting your news from the mainstream media, you aren’t really getting any useful information for decisions you need to make in your life.  The past week, the mainstream media has concentrated pretty much exclusively on Whitney Houston, Gary Carter and Jeremy Lin.  They also mentioned that gas prices have gone up.  (If you have bought gasoline in the last month, you already knew that.

Here is some of what you missed:

  • Shenanigans in Maine might cost Mitt Romney his win in the Maine Caucuses.  It seems that the GOP in Maine has failed to record the votes in many districts where Ron Paul won a specific caucus.  This includes almost an entire county.
  • Iran has cut oil to European countries who get oil in Iran.  This will raise the demand for oil from the countries the United States gets oil from and drive up gas prices to around five dollars per gallon.
  • A man had a heart attack while eating a burger called the “Triple Bypass” at a place called the “Heart Attack Grill” in Las Vegas.  (Finally, truth in advertising!)
  • Vanna White’s birthday!   It was yesterday, which was why I didn’t blog yesterday.  Kudos to my running mate Albee Thayer for writing yesterday’s blog entry.

I get my news from the links on the right underneath “News.”  People who follow other sites tell me what is happening as well.  I am pretty well covered for information the mainstream media doesn’t provide me.

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My Take on Recent Events

Things are happening all the time.  I will take some time and explain some of the things going on in the world:

Middle East: There have been protests and uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen.  Contrary to some reports, these protests are not the result of protesters wanting me to be their president.  (Although eleven people from Egypt have visited my site, the most recent visitor was January 27.)

Wisconsin: Both Scott Walker and the unions are missing the point here.  The bottom line is that the children of Wisconsin are not learning the skills they will need as adults.  Any money spent on education is wasted if children aren’t learning.

Charlie Sheen: I am proud to have hopped upon the #teamsheen bandwagon.  My campaign needs an infusion of tiger blood.  An endorsement from someone who preaches winning would be awesome.  I just hope that Charlie Sheen doesn’t run for President.

Gay Marriage: It is ironic that many of the people who oppose that peopke oppose gay marriage on religious grounds when one considers that because homosexuals can not legally marry eacher, they are compelled to live in sin by shacking up.

Gas Prices: Gas prices have risen over 30 cents in the past two weeks mostly due to speculation.  If we all speculate that things will be fine, it will lower gas prices.

I will try to make this a weekly type of posting so that people will have a fresh insight into how I see things.  Feel free to share this post on Facebook and Twitter so others can be educated in current events.

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Why Republicans Should Vote for Ahmnodt Heare

1)War – John McCain wants to fight in Iran, Iraq, and other places far, far away.  I will declare war against Canada.  Our soldiers will fight from 9-5 Monday-Friday and come home every night.  Fighting close to loved ones is better for a soldier’s morale.

2)Gas Prices – I would retrofit pick-up trucks so a cow can fit in the back.  The cow ould have enough feed to emit methane, which would be used in the truck. With trucks using methane, it will lower the demand for gasoline and lower prices.

3)Global Warming – I have a hybrid plan.  I would fight global warming in the summer.  I would encourage global warming in the winter.  Spring and Autumn will be planned as needed.

4)War on Terror – We already won.

5)Jobs – I would create a lot of low paying jobs so employers can hire more people and we would have fewer people unemployed.

As shown above, I would be the better candidate for president than John McCain.

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