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That Didn’t Work (and Other Stuff)

There I was Tuesday night – all set to start my new podcast.  I called in and started talking.  The chat room wouldn’t load.  The switchboard wouldn’t load.  I was getting IMs and emails saying that they couldn’t hear the show.

I will be doing a test show over the weekend.  Once the glitches have been fixed, the new show schedule will be posted.

In other news:  Phineaus J. Whoopie Thaddeus McCotter, a congressman from Michigan, has decided he is running for President.  Rumor has it that Rick Perry will also run.  Whether Sarah Palin will run remains to be seen.  (I still doubt she will, but everybody loves a circus.)

Casey Anthony – When will this story end?  Can we be talking about more important issues of the day like Kim Kardashian’s gym outfits?

Don’t look now, but the Washington Nationals are still above .500!  The bad news is that they are in the toughest division in baseball.  Things are on the up-and-up as Stephen Strasburg will be around for opening day 2012.  Go Nats!

Doctor’s appointment for my hamstring tomorrow.  I thought I would try rest, but my dog had other ideas.  He has a sudden urge to chase cute little critters like squirrels, groundhogs, bears, and cats.  He’s yanking me and my hamstring around.  Vacation time starts after the doctor visit.

My birthday is Monday.  I want a pony!

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Phone Problems Fixed

It has come to my attention that people have tried to call my campaign phone number.  I have contacted the phone company about this problem and things should be working now.  (507)-AHMNODT

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An Open Letter to Those Facebook Guys

Dear People Who Run Facebook:

I have been on Facebook for over a year.  Over the time, it has helped increase my base for my 2012 campaign for President of the United States.  I have even taken the step of playing Mafia Wars with my supporters.

As useful and fun as Facebook has been over the last year, it has been soured over the last week.  It started ironically enough with “change.”  While change can be a good thing if people want it, it can be a bad thing if people like things the way they are.  People wanted change in the United States in 2008 so they voted for Barack Obama. (I voted for myself, as I was running in 2008 also.)  People didn’t want change to Facebook.  This was demonstrated by not voting for Barack Obama for President of Facebook.

It is not just the change that has bothered Facebook users.  It is the glitches that have come along since the changes occurred.  It has made running my presidential campaign very difficult.  I am running a penniless campaign because I am a fiscal conservative.  Only a true fiscal conservative can run a campaign without taking out loans or acting like a beggar asking people for their hard earned dollars.

I plead that you fix the website as soon as possible.  I did not vote for Barack Obama to run Facebook, so I don’t want change,  (Especially change accompanied with glitches.)  Glitches like the page not updating even after refreshing make it hard to get my message out to my supporters without sending a spam mail message.

I am sure this situation will be resolved soon and wish Facebook the best of luck in its future business endeavors.


Ahmnodt F.N. Heare

2008 and 2012 Presidential Candidate

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