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My Old Stomping Grounds

I am back in the town where I kicked off my 2008 Presidential campaign.  Although there are still three days of my vacation, this is already the strangest vacation trip I have already taken.  I blame it on the sun storm.

The trip from New Jersey to North Carolina started off innocently enough.  My first major stop was at a buffet place in eastern West Virginia.  The lesson I learned there is that contrary to what I had always believed, there is a market for adults who miss school cafeteria lunches.  The second thing I learned is that sun storms affect GPS systems.  I went off the interstate to get gas.  The road was a divided two-lane highway.  I got my gas and wanted to get back on the interstate, but I first had to find a place to make a u-turn.  I didn’t get to make that u-turn because there was an accident on the other side of the road blocking traffic in both lanes going in that direction.

The GPS created a detour that went twenty miles out of the way and included taking an unpaved road for two miles.  I went one and a half miles on the road when a tractor came approaching me from the other direction.  The tractor was smoothing down the unpaved road.  The only thing worse than driving 1 1/2 miles on an unpaved road is driving 1 1/2 miles on an unpaved road backwards.

I am not supposed to be writing this blog entry until later tonight.  (It is currently 12:03PM Eastern.)  The original plan was for me to be at a rally at a local luncheonette owned by one of my supporters.  There are a few problems:  The first problem was that nobody there knew about the rally.  The reason why nobody knew was because the person who owns the luncheonette is not the person who set up the rally.  The person who set up the rally once worked there but was let go last year.    The second  problem is that the owner of the luncheonette was a Barack Obama delegate at the 2008 Democratic Convention.

I will be bouncing around the Piedmont Triad this weekend taking it easy.  Hopefully the weird stuff is out of my system and I can enjoy a more “normal” vacation.

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How a Slow Day Goes

I am taking this week off for two reasons.  The first reason is because the week between Christmas and New Year’s is not very productive.  People tend to be recovering from one holiday and looking forward to the next holiday.   The second reason is because few clients are looking for marketing projects in this time period.

I am also limiting campaigning this week.  It seems I do my best campaigning when I am busy with other things and running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Below is my schedule for today:

8:00 – Wake up, shower, get dressed, and walk the dog.  – Self explanatory for most people. For those who need more of an explanation, I will videotape the last two things I do on the list. I can’t videotape myself showering for legal reasons and I can’t videotape myself waking up because by the time I get the video camera, I am already awake.
9:00 – Walk to Staples – Staples is about 4 miles from here so it will take me about three hours to get there. I’m not a fast walker and I like to absorb the scenery.
12:15 – Arrive at Staples – I took mental notes of things I need for my office, like pens, paper, printer paper, and popcorn. I will buy these items later in the week when I drive to the store. I did buy a new GPS system. The old GPS was old and outdated. It had things like “Oregon Territory” on it. The new one I have has roads and bridges on it. It also updates itself and offers where gas stations and restaurants are.
3:00 – Stopped in the diner for a sandwich and a coffee. It was a slow time at the diner so there was nobody to talk politics with. One thing I noticed is the cook who normally wears a New York Giants cap was wearing a New York Yankees cap instead today.
4:30 – Arrived home – installed the GPS in my car.
6:15 – Walked the dog – just in time too as he pooped just past the bottom step.
6:40 – started writing this blog entry and ordered pizza delivery. I don’t like too many toppings so I limit myself to pepperoni, sausage, meatball, anchovies, chocolate chips and extra cheese.
7:30 – “Wheel of Fortune” – as if you didn’t already know why.

8:00 – Monday Night Football – Vikings at Bears – I will root for Minnesota because I don’t like Jay Cutler.

11:45 (approx. after football) – read and answer fan e-mail.

11:46 – Bed

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