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Next Round of Tests

The bloodwork results were inconclusive.  I now have to go to Albany, NY for three days starting Monday for more bloodwork and a series of tests including a stress test.  I don’t know why I have to go through these tests because I have felt well for the last few days.  The only thing making me sick is the damned health care system.

Albany will be a good place to go because of other events happening around that time.  I will be the Grand Marshall of the Spring Parade nearby on Sunday.  The parade organizer is a supporter of mine and voted for me in 2008.  She told the parade committee that I would be the ideal candidate for Grand Marshall because I have run a successful landscaping business for years.  I dropped the landscaping business in 2009 to concentrate on my marketing business and my presidential campaign.  She had to mention the landscaping business because the emphasis is spring and the parade prohibits people holding office or running for office from being a Grand Marshall.

I also have to be in the area on Thursday because I was invited to the annual “Cinco de Abril Festival” in Kerhonson, NY.  They have a “Cinco de Abril” because they don’t like waiting until May 5 for “Cinco de Mayo.”

This is going to be tough because I have work to do next week.  I’ll be sneaking work in between tests and after testing.  I’ll also have to work on Saturday in case I can’t sneak in time during the week.  I have a presentation to make next Friday and I fully intend to make that presentation.  (It’s one of the things I get paid to do.)  At least if I get sick from the stress and the workload and the squeezing of time, I will be in a hospital most of the time.

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