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Pre-Game Show

President Obama is about to give the State of the Union speech.  I have brewed a fresh pot of coffee so I can stay awake.  Among other things, I expect the President to announce that Chris Dorner was killed in a cabin fire and this will tie in to his gun control policy.

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A Look at my Platform – Gun Control

Over the next couple weeks, I will take issues from my platform and further explain my positions. Today, I will discuss my views on gun control.

I would abolish gun laws. I would also ban bullets.

I would do away with any law that prohibits an American from owning a gun.  The Second Amendment provides the right for everybody to own a gun.  However; in order to make the world a safer place, I would ban bullets, because it is bullets that kill people, not guns.

When a person is shot, there is usually no sign of a gun, but the bullet is almost always there.  The only way a gun can kill a person is if someone is clubbed in the head with a gun.  All shooting murders involve a bullet penetrating a part of the body.

I would legalize all guns, including such guns as uzis and AK-47s.  Bullets, including the peas from pea shooters, will be banned with the penalty for possession being death by firing squad.

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