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Telethon to Save the Hamptons

I am pleased to announce that I have not forgotten the Hamptons and the financial difficulties of the fine people there.  Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to raise $3.65 from can and bottle deposits.

When I last mentioned the Hamptons, I had talked about three families and the difficulties they were enduring.  Clarissa Hartinger is now almost eight years old.  She was able to resume her violin lessons just long enough to give a holiday recital in December 2008.  She has not had a lesson since and is being deprived of her musical talents.  The Bentley’s didn’t even go to Paris in 2009.  They had to settle for a week (and only one week) at Cape Cod.

Nobody has been hit harder than the Carlington’s.  The good news is they did get their seventh bathroom installed.  The bad news is they had to sell their beachfront eight-bedroom / seven-bathroom home and move to a five-bedroom / four-bath house in Scarsdale.  They are no longer near a beach.  Little Biff has had to undergo counseling.

These people need our help more than ever to return to their lifestyles.  They can’t cope with their current third-world status.  This is why I will be hosting a special telethon next Friday at 9:00PM Eastern.  I will give out more details about the telethon as the week progresses.


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Saving the Hamptons (My Newest Endevour)

The Dow lost 777 points and over $1 trillion yesterday.  Many of those dollars came from people who call the Hamptons home and by people who party there on the weekends.  The latest Wall Street fall has affected the entire community.

Six year old Clarissa Hartinger has not had a violin lesson in almost two weeks.  The Bentley’s can only stay in Paris for two weeks instead of the month they normally stay.  And the Carlington’s will have to wait to get their seventh bathroom installed.  I am starting a can collection drive to help these people in crisis.

If you want to start a can collecting campaign in your area, you can reach me from the Contact tab on this website.  Together, we can save the Hamptons.

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